French Montana Associates Weily Don & Biggs Indicted For Being Top Blood In Connecticut; Klean Up Krew Accused Of Being A Gang

(AllHipHop News) An associate of rapper French Montana is being held without bail in New Haven, Connecticut and is being accused of leading the Tre Bloods Gang after being arrested in the largest gang sweep in the state’s history.

The New Haven Independent reports that federal prosecutors have accused the Jameel “Biggs” Wilkes of being the leader of the Tre Bloods gang, which operates in the Dwight-Kensington neighborhood of New Haven.

Authorities accused Jameel “Biggs” Wilkes of running the Tre Bloods, in addition to another gang, The Klean Up Krew.

The Klean Up Krew dropped a video with French Montana in 2010 titled “Addicted To Money,” that authorities claim was recorded in an impoverished neighborhood Biggs and the Tre Bloods allegedly controlled.

Rapper Weily Don, 22, of New Haven, who is featured in the video with French Montana, was also arrested in the raid.

Last week, federal authorities charged Wilkes with conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution of cocaine.

The arrest was part of “Operation Bloodline,” which was a joint law enforcement investigation headed by the DEA New Haven Task Force, to target narcotic trafficking and gang violence in the area.

Police seized five firearms, crack cocaine and heroin and $50,000 in cash, from over 100 people who were rounded up in the raid.

“It’s a music group!” one of Biggs’s sisters told The New Haven Independent. “It’s something he started to stop the violence, to get kids off the streets. There are CDs being sold – you can even find videos in YouTube!”

Wilkes is currently facing 10 years-to-life in jail and has pleaded not guilty to charges.

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36 Responses to “French Montana Associates Weily Don & Biggs Indicted For Being Top Blood In Connecticut; Klean Up Krew Accused Of Being A Gang”

  1. 100p

    East Coast Bloods are confused as hell , everybody in the west knows that the number 3 is always associated with the Crips,. Do your research, you cant have the Tre in a Blood set, its ass backwards, Bloods claim the 5 on the East Coast, thats Vice lords in Chicago, and the 6 is Disciples in Chicago, none of this has anything to do with the Real Bloods, who claim the 4…

    • $18592567

      The sad part is that it really doesn’t matter, because real bloods and fake bloods both shoot authentic weapons…

      • CaliTransplant

         I’m with you, really23! I’m tired of these dudes breeding “real” bloods trying to convince everybody that they are real by killing ramdom people. It’s got to stop. these blood cheerleaders like game and wayne..

    • Mosdaze

      Gay shit. But oh I envy your gang sesame street count knowledge, who needs college when you got the number 4!

    • Dartfin

       Oh snap! Damn man, I never knew that. I can claim a number just by getting ignorant youths to follow me and engage in illegal activity!? When I start my gang I’m claiming 100, cause you know, it’s the top number. Like all the rappers say ‘Keep it 100!’ Oh wait…what am I talking about, I didn’t use where I live as an excuse to be a dick! I paid attention in school and bettered myself, I don’t need a gang…

  2. Tammy Welch

    when will these dudes learn duhhhh yaw trying to be celebrities when you know the people watching you cant serve two masters yaw make it so easy for police now…rapping about ish..then they use it in court..smh…

  3. Sky Cobb

    “Police seized five firearms, crack cocaine and heroin and $50,000 in cash, from over 100 people who were rounded up in the raid.”

    And they plan on making this stick? That doesn’t seem to be very much considering there were 100 people..

  4. Nemesis_Enforcer

    LOL at dude’s sister trying to make them sound positive. But if you watch this video, he already threatening to kill me within the first 20 seconds.

    Niggas ain’t got nothing better to do than form gangs and kill each other.

    I bet none of these dudes would be ready to ride on some skin heads or KKK

    • Guest

      Yall racist fucks talkin about KKK and some skinhead shit wouldnt say it to they face. And another thing I bet ur internet gangsta self has never been in the streets. Yall aint never sold dope, coke, crack, or even Loud. You havent shot anyone but in a Call of Duty video game. Yall talking but youve never lived the street life. You probably even too scared to walk through your own neighborhood. Whether its white, black, asian, spanish, hispanic or whatever you white racists shits dont know what its like. Most kids and youth join gangs and start reppin sets or cliques because they dont have home lives and hardly have caring families. They also do it for a means of survival because people get stabbed, shot, beat up, or jumped on an everyday basis.

  5. Brick Soulja

    French is that next star. It’s too bad that Max B couldn’t be free, because his debut would have went triple platinum.

    • Paul

      max b didnt snitch on any1. french montana just snitched on all these cats. french is no star .. he is a fraud & a governemnt agent

  6. $18916246

    RED & BLUE prison born and mass produced n*gga gangs flood America’s inner cities: Ignorant black males, the fall out from broken down black family structures. Black  misguided youth pick up where the inner city drug epidemic left off. Blood is symbolic as violent death is the end result and blue is the state your families are left in. You manufactured n*ggas shoot blind with green envious eyes senselessly killing each other, the rest are locked up then turned snitch on your remaining at large associates for lighter jail time, an endless cycle of life defeating behavior. Diseased, Cannibals, Parasites, Cowards are what you are collectively. The walking dead.

  7. tbirdandkoolaid

    I swear US blacks in merica are the dumbest in the world….seriously.

    it’s 2012 and fools still think this sheet is cool.

    yes, whites put dope in our hood.

    yes, the white man keeps us down..ahaa this is b.s.

    If you really allow another man to keep you down you are not a man.

    anytime these words come out your mouth ‘the white man keeping me down’

    check under your skirt to see if you got a pair.

    if you want some money do this:

    build a product or create a service that the public needs.

    what seperates you from that cat that just got a couple billy offa creating facebook. facebook is only a few lines of code and he’s sitting on billions. ahah that’s hustling

    if you say it’s because he’s white. read what i just wrote.

    also, read this brotha book. he used OPM and built an empire.

    Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?: How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Business Empire

    i just wrote i novel because i talk to cats and they don’t see what i see.

    some cat wrote a few days ago. destroy and rebuild. i agree.

    right now there’s a virus going on in our community.

    • Paul

      then after u build a product or service, the illuminati comes after u & u have to sign it all over to the white man & do exactly what they want u to do

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