Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Foxy Stop Maino From Leaking A Sex Tape?


Do you remember when Foxy Brown had a screen shot of a supposed sex tape a ways back? I do. Well, we (as far as I know) never knew who was the culprit behind that whole thing. Only thing I knew was somebody was trying to put Inga’s sexcapades on blast! Anyway, I recently heard it was actually Maino that was putting the screws to Foxy.

Remember, Fox was beefing with Kim and Maino was riding crazy hard for Kim at the time. He was like the Deebo of the rap game. Anyway, I don’t know how he may have obtained it (if he did), but that screen shot got everybody looking for a money shot, because Fox was seemingly going down on some dude. The video never happened and I heard Foxy was somehow able to get it stopped. Whether or not it was Maino for sure, I don’t know….for sure.

Remember when Foxy Brown dated Rick Ross?

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