Non Hip-Hop Rumors: When Nas Wanted To Hang Jay-Z For Summer Jam

WOW! This was 10 years ago when Summer Jam was all about BEEF. Nobody that I know really cared about anything but seeing a rapper get destroyed. Well, at one point Nas wanted to take it to the utmost next level and stage a mock hanging of Jay-Z. Fortunately for Nas and Hip-Hop, Hot 97 (who frankly has had so many beefs) said this is going too far! I agree. Lynching is what the KKK does. We kill each other by shooting. What was Nas thinking? I think we interviewed him back in the day when this first happened. Anyway, here is the shocking video of just how far Nas was willing to take his beef with Jay-Z. This is real ether.


Theses dudes are kings, not slaves. Glad they worked it out in the end.

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