Big Meech's Former Girlfriend Sabrina On The Long-Lasting Legacy of BMF

The Black Mafia Family (BMF) remains a story of legend. One of the biggest criminal drug gangs in recent history, BMF allegedly made over $270 million in drug sales. And, as an aspiring record label, they garnered the attention and the ear of the Hip-Hop industry. The leader, Big Meech, is still a name constantly dropped in rap songs and profiled on television shows.

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory is currently serving the fourth year of his 30-year sentence at Lewisburg U.S. Penitentiary, a maximum security prison, where he is under a 23-hour lockdown. Flenory was recently transferred after violence erupted at his former Jessup, Georgia prison, where over 200 inmates had started wearing BMF tattoos. Proof that his name and legacy continues to far-reaching influence.

Today, June 21, on Big Meech’s 44th birthday, sat down with Sabrina Peterson, Meech’s former girlfriend – with his permission – to talk about the man behind the myth: Thank you for talking to me, Sabrina. What do you think is the biggest misconception about Meech?

Sabrina: That he was ruthless and cold. When people think of a Boss, they think of a cold-hearted person. I wouldn’t say he wasn’t intimidating, but he wasn’t mean. The motive behind this whole thing from the way he explained it to me, he just wanted to see dudes run together, be a family, and everybody be on the same level money-wise. It went all bad, but the initial intention was good. Do you think that if he could he would change things? What would he do differently?

Sabrina: That’s something I would have to ask him, that’s such a personal question. I can say what I think he should do differently, but I didn’t create his empire, and I can’t be the person to say how it should have been created differently. What would you do differently, if anything?

Sabrina: I don’t think I would do anything differently. We had a debate one time about how flashy he was, and how maybe he shouldn’t be so flashy and maybe he should slow down and not throw money in the club, or put billboards up everywhere. His response to that was that he was already going to jail. Every n*gga that do what he did always ends up in jail. And this was way before he went to jail, he said, the difference between him and them is that he is going to get letters. But, for other guys, no one may care if they go to jail, but they also won’t care if you stay. The downside for Meech is that because of his influence, people on the political side care that he stays there. What did you learn from him?

Sabrina: What I learned from him? Wow. A lot. I learned marketing, I learned public relations. I learned how to deal with people a lot. I learned a lot from his lessons, such that you can give the whole world to some people, and people won’t reciprocate it back. As far as when it comes to my business, I would reach out to him, and he would give me business advice. It seems like you all also had a mentor type relationship.

Sabrina: Definitely. He gave me a lot of advice on my businesses. He was my go-to person. When I don’t know how to deal with a new dude I’m dealing with… he actually called me once out of the blue and told me to lose weight [laughter]. Those are some of the things that make him really, really special to me. I’m proud that he’s proud of me. For me, I loved him so much and I cared about him so much, it was always in the back of my head to show him that he needed me, I captured his heart through my hard work and my hustle. When I want to give up on my salon or my business, I find my strength in him still. What is your relationship like now? How often do you talk?

Sabrina: Since December, I can’t talk to him. Prior to that, as much as we could. He only gets 300 minutes a month; however that rations out between a call here and a call there. He still has to call his son’s mom, his mother. He loves a pen pal, so he has girls, fans, who have written him that he might talk to. I’m happy for them, because without them, it would be hard for him to hold on. It’s part of my probation. For the three years that I’m on probation, I can’t talk to him. I’m sure that’s difficult.

Sabrina: Yeah, it’s real difficult, because I need him. When he is going through all of this stuff, I can’t be there. Through his daughter, she is able to talk to him about me, and I am able to find out how he is doing. Sometimes it feels like the only way we can communicate is through energy. What was dating like after him?

Sabrina: It’s wack. You got a man with big body parts, big money, big shine, then you see these other dudes, they got ok-sized body parts, ok-sized money, ok-sized shine. [laughter] At the end of the day, those things are attractive. The level of respect and power he had was an attractive thing. He’s a hard act to follow. You got all these n*ggas out here who want to be him or be like him. You got one dude in your bed and your main dude on The History Channel, your heart, and your mind. You go to the club, you hear, “I think I’m Big Meech,” and the dude you with dancing to the song. [laughter] It’s a hard act to follow. What would you tell other girls about that lifestyle? Or being with a man with that lifestyle?

Sabrina: I would tell other girls… don’t get caught in the flash. Once you get to a certain age, you need to know that fast money stops, fast men get slowed down. You don’t want to get so caught up, especially here in Atlanta. These young girls are attracted to the flash and the glitz. But there is a flipside; the flipside is some days are painful.

I’m 33, and I’m starting over again. When you choose that lifestyle, it eventually chases up. I didn’t know when it was going to catch up to me, but I’m glad it did, because until it does, you barely sleep. Always looking over your shoulder, wondering which car is the cops, but I ran my business from a standpoint of fear because I never knew when the Feds were going to come in a take it from me. Now, I can move on with a clean slate and tell my story. Maybe somebody will see through what I went through and make different decisions. What were you indicted for?

Sabrina: I was indicted for seven drug charges. I was convicted of lying to a federal officer. That’s what I’m on probation for. Was your indictment related to BMF?

Sabrina: No. It was after Meech. If Meech was to see this article, what is something you would like to say just to him?

Sabrina: That I love you. I’m going to keep grinding and keep shining. They got me f*cked on this Federal probation thing, and I’m glad to be able to actually say this to you. I’m hearing about what you are going through; I’m hearing about Lewisburg. Stay strong. Don’t go crazy in there. Don’t lose your mind and lose your sanity, because that’s what they really want you to do, they want you to bow down.

I know that you got everything it takes to maintain and continue to be the boss that you are where you at. I feel bad that I’m not powerful enough to make the moves that I need to make for you. It frustrates me every day. I hope that my prayers are enough to get you through right now. I ain’t going nowhere as long as you ain’t going nowhere. I might be with a hundred n*ggas but only one n*gga got my heart.

Sabrina Peterson is the owner of The Glam Bar, a successful high-end salon in Atlanta. Peterson is working on a book project in the hopes that she can help young at-risk girls. Follow her on Twitter (@GlamBarSalon).

Biba Adams, like Big Meech, is a Detroit native. She is a Sr. Staff Writer and Book Editor for Follow her on Twitter (@BibatheDiva).

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55 Responses to “Big Meech's Former Girlfriend Sabrina On The Long-Lasting Legacy of BMF”

  1. murkuboi






  2. John

    Ride or Die chick for real.  She understands that it’s never enough money or fame or jewelry when you’re in the game.  You wake up and go to sleep thinking about getting that fast money.  But eventually, the game changes and one different move out of your ordinary routine can jam you up.  Me being from ATL, when BMF was at the top and cats would even be down at Centennial Park or 20 Grand on Old Nat’l with the black BMF t-shirts on.  When Meech was running around here, he truly ran the city.  He woud walk out the club and there would be literally 250,000 just layin on the floor.  Even Puffy came down here trying to kick it with them but that’s a whole different situation that went bad.  Matter of fact, the more I think about it, it wasn’t til Puff started coming around that Meech really got jammed up.  I remember driving down 75 and seeing So So Def billboard on the right  and the BMF billboard twice the size of that one on my left and I used to say to myself,  “These cats really got a fuccin billboard!”  The world is ours is what it said.  Must admit it, those were the days in the ATL.

    • Na Kai chaney


  3. mrgibson

     I guess you could call her a down ass female.  But she also represents the problem that is afflicting our people, particularly our young people.  I’m glad she learned something, she’s one of the more fortunate ones who didn’t have her life ruined by messing with shit she knew better than to fool around with. 

  4. rep87

    She was down for her man and the fast life but once it crashed she woke up and hopefully she can teach her daughters or other young ladies this is not the life they should strive for strive for better !

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      she a ride or die that remind me of eat it up swallow the cum and dont kno how 2 stop i need a project chick a hoodrat chich the 1 who dont give a f**k and say she took that

  5. Nemesis_Enforcer

    Who are our heros? Why does her words/opinion even hold value? She seems cool but why are we even interested?

  6. CJ85

    Wait so is she his girlfriend now? I dont get it… Who the hell is she pregnant from then? Shes pregnant on her twitter… Im lost

      • wazzap yo

        No doubt she creepin daily. Gotta get dat $$$. Dats all she know. She media frontin. Pfff

  7. NYCPeruano

    Not many loyal chicks out there like that ! She kept it 100 thru the whole interview ! One thing about a woman tho once they are living that life style and are with a boss/man of power and they lose that it’s very hard for them to go backward real talk !!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       thats only cause alot of them let that man run thier life so they end up with no proper skills to be able to financially take care of themselves if that day comes …. but she seems like a little hustler herself so shes one of the exceptions ……. but all in all … all females should have a hustle …. dont get stuck being a juice box for some rich guy cause when that well drys up …… its gonna be a problem for you …..

  8. DIONB

    y’all stupid…… She just like tha rest of tha broads in atl or another city in usa………  if u got big chip, she fukin wit u…….  period      Can y’all read?   Other dude money ok, shine ok, body ok…..  only thing she did smart was keep that high end salon crackin…… wink,wink    ANd Y’all better believe she snitched too….  3 years probation…right


     ride or die chick my ass! nothing more than a goldigger. if big meech was lil mike working at express oil change she wouldn’t give that nigga teh time of day.

  10. Lockednloaded1

    I love her she kept it real! I’m seeing comments that people are calling her a gold digger thats silly if you had the opportunity to have a successful man you would too. Y’all sound stupid she’s doing something right she got a business & she’s person enough to put his name by hers most people would shy away from a man that is looked at in negative light like he is. I salute her. Stop hating… I think she would be fake to say those things are not a turn on.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       big body parts in exchange for small body parts tho lol pause lol they should of put this article in the alternative section lol ijs lol 😉 and she ended it off with i might be with 100 niggaz lol im done and im not gonna judge lol 😉

      • NoTypeOfTime

        But were the ones who sound stupid and like haters, i swear this slave mentality is working wonders these broke down bitches cant even tell when they just as silly as the broke down bitches they defending

  11. $18592567

    This guy is in jail til he’s 70? I’m surprised he ain’t out there connecting dots for them people yet… 30 years is a long time. Thriller been out like 30 years. Wrestle Mania is like 30 years old. Marvin Gaye got killed like 30 years ago. 

    Larry Hoover done did 40 years in the pens… Them dudes could have that… I ain’t trying to flip burgers, but at the same time I ain’t tryna catch no running back number either…

  12. thaGOD83

    meech downfall till this day is his EGO…if dude got busted then went to jail and denounced the lifestyle by telling people he is reformed, made mistakes, and wants no part of the bmf thing, he wouldnt do all that time…but by him letting ross drop that song, and doing intros on every mixtape, they will never let him out while he is young enough to make power moves, thats why they give long sentences, to prevent the convict from ever getting out young, to regain power, so you get out when you 60 + and have no more, bmf in you, then you can go back into society, but when you in jail trying to get an appeal, yet dudes is getting your brand tatted on them and fighting, that shows you have power, the reason they wont let larry hoover out, too powerful, you have to denounce that shit, like southwest t is supposedly religious now , a reformed d boy, you gotta let the ego go, and get out first then back to ballin….meech gotta give it up, the same reason c murder has to change his name, play the game mane, give up the shit that got you in there, distance yourself if you can read this meech, get out then do whatever you want to

    • realbigmeechfam

      that makes no since bruh. his time was decided way before the songs and all the bfm followers. they were trying to give him life that’s why he copped to 30 yrs besides they started messing with the family and anyone close even if they had nothing to do with BMF. thats what made his decision easy to protect everyone. death before dishonor

      • NoTypeOfTime

        Your missing the point, he’s saying, if you want to make it in this white mans game you got to play his rule. The point is as long as you got the white man scared of you , he will keep you locked up, Meech only in his 4th year of a 30 year sentence and he’s already had to be moved to another facility for violence surrounding his brand by reorganizing in prison.If the man doesnt think youre no longer a threat to their capitalist system then they will lock you away for the rest of your days. No questions asked, you do what you have to do to get where you trying to go.

    • realbigmeechfam

      T is a preacher now but he still wont do one less day than Meech. They’re both paying for what they did. 21 yrs is the least that they can both do. 

  13. Guillaume Pilon

    she talking bout guys with big money and next to that shes saying 

     I would tell other girls… don’t get caught in the flash. 

    its easy to say i love him  when you still  eating from all the secrets stashs he had

    • NoTypeOfTime

      Hell yeah she snitched how she go from having 7 drug charges to only getting probation for lying to a federal agent. So did those drug charges just go away or did you make them go away, im more inclined to believe she pulled a ti and snitched her way out

  14. wazzap yo

    Sabrina: It’s wack. You got a man with big body parts, big money, big shine, then you see these other dudes, they got ok-sized body parts, ok-sized money, ok-sized shine. [laughter] At the end of the day, those things are attractive. ——–>>>>>>> She sayin she ain’t no GOLD DIGGA??? Now she got herself a BROKE nigga. HAHAHAHAHA…….Now all he got is a BIG 30 YEAR JAIL SENTENCE, NO money, NO shine, SMALL jail cell, AND BROKE!!!!! BMF = Busted – MO – FO’s

  15. Daniel

    I would like to see what Big Meech was trying to do come to bear fruit. You must as a human being look past the drug dealing and crime, to see what his mission was. Those things come with every illegal racket out there not just drugs and has been since mob days. I would be privileged to help take BMF ENT into the right direction, and mold the empire it still is into a household name without the black cloud looming over it’s name.The BMF name would in the next 30 years, become something the nation would never remember as being bad. I would turn it around to be something positive, that benefited the same communities it once plagued. I’m sure that’s what Big Meech wants right now. The thing I would like to do is get ni**as together on a positive get money note and do it collaboratively across the United States. There is power in numbers, and the networking of folks can,make alot of people wealthy. Wealth is not something a lot of ni**as know about. We all know alot of rich ni**as but how many wealthy ones we know? The ones we do know did it legitimately.. No shoulder checking or having to have a 50 man entourage. He was on a mission to do that, but the very mouths he feed snitched on him. I didn’t see no bank lending him money, so he got on the get money game best he knew how.. I still can’t believe some of the mouths that spewed hate for the very man that loved them all like brothers… Big Homie, keep your head to the sky you will get through this. Find Faith in the Lord and you shall prosper again.

    Folks can holla at me on Twitter @MRFINDDIAMONDS

    Feel free to comment on what I said, criticism is a motivator..I wake everyday to make haters love me..


  16. Derek Morris

    I respect what Meech was about and BMF….what i dont understand is why these dudes dont stop and think? A smart MuthaFucka would stop and say ok, i made over 100million doing this shit…..let me cut my ties, take my money over seas, keep a LOW PROFILE for 5 years or so, then come back. These Drug Dealers get caught-up and lose focus. With that kind of money i would have invested in Fuckn Oil Wells…..Anyway keep ya head up Meech.

  17. kenya

    All I can say to people is don’t judge people unless you have been in that situation. As for her saying the guys after Big Mercy is wack, is probably true. I mean being that lifestyle is a hard adjustment to get use to including a different type of man. Big Meech is looked up to for guys and people who saw a man take black men from all these states to a level of unity and money. Something they never saw because most black men hate or are scard to see other black men shine. How many times do you see black men killing and robbing eachother because of jealousy and envy, or where they are from. The power and influence he had was the threat, not the drugs he had sold.

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