Ice Cube “65 Percent” Finished New Album “Everything’s Corrupt”

(AllHipHop News) West Coast legend Ice Cube is hard at work on his upcoming album Everything’s Corrupt, which the rapper/director said was “65 percent” finished.

The rap star hit the stage at Irving Plaza in New York and after the show, Ice Cube conducted an interview with Duck Down Visuals for Red Bull U.S.A.

During the interview, Ice Cube divulged some information regarding Everything’s Corrupt.

“It’ll be out next year, you know, its hardcore Hip-Hop. It’s street knowledge, it’s talking about what’s going on in the hood, but it’s talking about what’s going on in the political arena,” Ice Cube revealed. “It’s what I always try to give. Much more than just rhyming.”

In related news, Ice Cube discussed the progress of “Last Friday,” which is in pre-production. Although Ice Cube didn’t discuss Chris Tucker’s possible involvement, he confirmed that the movie is in the works.

Ice Cube is meeting with New Line Cinema, the company that bankrolled the original “Friday” franchise of movies that have grossed over $150 million dollars since their theatrical releases.

“The script is almost finished, I got a meeting with New Line on Monday or Tuesday, to talk about the next steps,” Ice Cube said. “You gotta get that script tight before you can take the next step.”

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