Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Did Game Steal One Of 50 Cent’s Energy Drink Trucks To Feed The Homeless?

The Game is one big contradiction, isn’t he? Not even one month after he announced that he had been baptized and that his next album, Jesus Piece, was going to be a Christian album, the rapper is back to his old bullying ways.

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Today, the West Coast emcee saw an opportunity to cause some mischief in the life of his nemesis 50 Cent and took it. The rapper spotted a truck branded with 50 Cent’s energy drink, SK, and hijacked the drinks. Check out the photo he instagram’ed below:

According to Game, the driver was very aware of his reputation and ran off when he saw him. Game claimed to be heading to “skidrow” in Los Angeles, to “give this nasty sh*t to the homeless.”

Those are some serious shots fired in my book. Your play, 50!

It may take 50 a while to respond, as he’s currently busy with real life issues. AllHipHop.com broke the exclusive today that 50 Cent has hired an a private investigator to look into the death of his former manager Chris Lighty. I hope the PI can bring Lighty’s friends and family some closure.

EXCLUSIVE: 50 Hires Attorney; P.I. To Investigate Chris Lighty’s Death

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