Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Would Kendrick Lamar Add To The Black Hippies?

Well, I’m late. Recently, AHH’s chief Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur interviewed Kendrick Lamar at the New York Apple store, promoting his new album GKMC. (You can pre-order that here, by the way.) I heard that the conversation was pretty cool and the audience was hype! Kendrick went on to perform a few songs too. But, from what I understand, he was asked by an audience member who he would like to add to the crew if he could. Apparently, it was this man:


Danny Brown is a wild dude and he’s also co-signed by the realest G’s in Detroit, where he is from. I’m not getting anything else from that so its not clear if this is on the way. But, its pretty cool that these dudes are working together. Also, its cool that Kendrick Lamar won lyricist of the year, over Nas, Cole World, Kanye and Jay no less! Wow. Talk about a changing of the guard. Anyway….here is a pic floating around.

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