Hip-Hop Rumors: What Biggie Smalls Friend Is Working On A New CD?

If you guessed Lil Kim, you are wrong and kind of right! I heard she is working with some young hungry producers to give her a new sound for the new era. Will that work? I don’t know. But, it is not Kim that I was talking about.

I am hearing Lil Cease is actually working on a new album. I don’t know what the full deal is, but I know for sure he’s working. Funny, because Cease released a dope album back in the day when he was a wilder boy.

I like Lil Kim’s half naked wild pictures a lot better.

Anyway, Cease has been doing his workout thing, but ready to do an album too. Stay tuned.
By the way, I am aware that a lot of people don’t like me again. Even though I quit and people basically begged me back…only to hate me. Strange. Well, guess what…here’s another reason to hate:

Another reason to hate @illseed: “The Illseed Endorsement: The Frivolous Reasons Why You Should Vote For Obama!” http://ahh.fm/?p=155730

Look at the comments and hate me more…but don’t forget to vote for Obama!

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