Hip-Hop Rumors: OJ Simpson Is GAY? Tahiry Responds To The Rumors


They saying that OJ Simpson has turned gay in jail! That gives new meaning to his nickname “The Juice.” FOH!

“The Man” got another brother! Here is what the National Enquirer is saying!

Incredibly, Simpson puts on a one-man show for fellow inmates when they go to exercise. “He’s like a God to the other in­mates,” said the insider. “He prances around flexing his muscles, wearing only a pair of gym shorts.

“He spends hours in the gym trying to look as good as those guys in the muscle magazines. He works out with several inmates who are really built.”

Perhaps the biggest tip-off that O.J. may now be playing for the other side is his choice of prison companions, according to the source. He says the former la­dies’ man hangs out with a group of open­ly homosexual men known as “The Girls.”

“WHENEVER HE’S LET out into the prison yard, he stays with them,” revealed the insider. “He says, ‘The Girls treat me like I was a king!’

“He claims they flirt with him and even give him massages. Some even call him ‘DJ’ – short for ‘Daddy Juice.’ ”

O.J. has used “The Girls” as his per­sonal posse for years now, added the insider.

“He says he has even gifted a few of the ‘girls’ with candy bars, sodas and toiletries from the prison canteen,” continued the insider. “I’ve asked O.J. why he doesn’t talk about women anymore, but he just laughs it off. He says, ‘Man, what do you think I am? You’ve known me for many years. C’mon, get off all this. There ain’t no women in here! Of course I talk about guys. We’re all guys in here.’

He gonna need a different kind of glove now!

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Well, it looks like Tahiry is indirectly responding to the rumors. I feel bad for her! Anyway, she really didn’t address the rumors. I am interested in knowing if she is married, because if not, I think I want to marry her.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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