Treach And Kay Gee Of Naughty By Nature Discuss Estranged Member Vinnie

(AllHipHop News) Vinnie sucker punched Treach during a Naughty By Nature business meeting, Treach maintained in an interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club.

The revelation is an ongoing series of events since Treach exclusively told AllHipHop that he and Vinnie were going separate ways as businessmen.

Treach, known to be thorough in the streets, said he was able to maintain his composure and not retaliate. He did say that cooler heads prevailed in the meeting.

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“Its business. Grown man business. We on some different stuff now. Now, once you decide you want to get physical, now I’m going to show you my power on a different level…and still keep the goons off you,” Treach said.

Vinnie has yet to comment on the record about the alleged incident.

Kay Gee, although present in the studio with Treach, said he was not taking sides. He objected to the rap song “Tall Midget,” where Treach lyrically disses Vinnie.

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“I don’t agree with it. I think its cool to clear the air, get it over with and just stop it,” Kay Gee said. “I think what’s going down is the shows [that we have booked on the calendar will happen].”

The entire video is below.

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54 Responses to “Treach And Kay Gee Of Naughty By Nature Discuss Estranged Member Vinnie”

  1. sixnoxrecords

    Quiet as kept, Vinnie’s always been the goon of the group. Know him and his brothers. Treach is the mind. Vinnie’s the muscle.

    • EDOGZ818

      None of them dudes is soft.

      Treach made a decent point in the end, but should have maintained publicly, then again, business-wise, I guess he couldn’t? Missed shows?

      • Homegrown Chicks

        I never really thought any of em was bitchmade. I mean, when was the last time you heard of soft ass niggas running with Tupac? Didn’t really happen. But it’s unfortunate it went this route. People have differences. Hopefully it will work itself out.

      • Guest

        props to Treach doe- for admittin’ bein’ clocked by a midget ha haaa!

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        Nah, Vinne used to box and was always nice with his hands.


    Damn treach making veiled threats ?? It had to be a better way to handle it didn’t seem grown man to me ?!

  3. scullyson

    So let me get this straight the tall midget laying hands on his partner ? Vinnie needs to iron out the wrinkles on this one. Sounds like somebody is in his ear foreal. Smh… Dont let them f your paper up Vin..

  4. The Thug's Coat

    20 plus years being around anyone, you’re gonna have fights, arguments & feelings hurt etc….but Damn…do anybody keep business between themselves anymore?

  5. PeoplePlease7

    Hip Hop in 2013 folks is straight high school. Bunch of grown males he said she said I heard you was saying soap opera behavior. Sadly this sites content has gone the same way….

  6. Negro Peligro

    Yo for real they haven’t had a hit in bout 20 years. What you punching somebody over. You should head butt the mirror. They can’t perform with Just Treach or Vinnie. You ain’t the David Ruffin or Eddie Kendricks. Nobody want to hear half of hip hop HOORAY.

  7. Mike Thompson

    This usually happens when irrelevant artist forget their codes. The group is older than most..and had no business taking it to “twitter”. Silence is G when dealing with such length of history.

  8. real_bru

    Nobody checking for naughty, Treach getting more buzz than he’s gotten in 15 years. I don’t know why he’s even talking about some punk shtt… ohh that’s right they got an album out. This dude is lame, he was never and will never be on a top 10 list.

    • Antoine Levine

      you are truly one of the dumbest mf’s to be on this website how in tha hell you say sum bs like that treach always been a lyrical beast listen to yoke the joker than ill bet you’ll change that whack ass comment

      • real_bru

        You lil BlTCH, nobody is checking for Treach, or anything Naughty by nature has to offer, and he’s not on anyone’s top 10 list, you can call him a lyrical beast, but that don’t change the fact that nobody wants to buy a treach CD NOBODY!!! Sensitive lil sissy

  9. Homegrown Chicks

    Damn, didn’t know Treach was at summer jam tossing vests to NaS. lol @ duke saving the dj in LA too. Cuzz be thuggin on the low…lol

  10. Hugh Stecht

    Treach was smart enough to know in certain cases a single snuffing is better than knuckle city and yo ass getting tossed all over the conference room looking like Rodney King in your press conference…take that Mitch Green and K.I.M…….Vin hands is good


    funny how treach says vin didnt write any hit songs for naughty …
    so i guess that means vin wrote 65% of 1st album, every song since then, w couple exceptions that vin only got co-writer credits on jamboree & feel me flow?

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