Future Says Lil Wayne "Raised Awareness" About Emmett Till; "Karate Chop" Producer Speaks

(AllHipHop News) Future’s “Karate Chop” has been a topic of interest in Hip-Hop for the last several months due to the controversial lyrics by the song’s featured artist. Lil Wayne’s reference to Emmett Till, the African-American teenager who was brutally murdered by two white men in 1955, upset the Till family and eventually cost the Young Money rapper his endorsement deal with Mountain Dew.

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Future feels despite all the negative attention the line “beat that pu**y up like Emmett Till” garnered, the end result was actually positive.

Future told Power 106:

I never thought it was going to get so much attention, but I think overall, the whole situation, he did bring light in a positive way to what happened. Even though they probably thought it was negative, he brought positive energy to the situation because a lot of people don’t even know [who Emmett Till was]. My dad didn’t even know who Emmett was, he think I was talking about Emmett Smith. I’m talking a lot of that are people around me, credible people, that should be like, ‘Man, you don’t even know who Emmett Till is?’ He raised awareness to people who didn’t even know Emmett Till. The young kids that never even knew what happened to him… I don’t believe he in any way, form, or fashion did it out of disrespect toward the family.

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Another important player in the creation of “Karate Chop” weighed in on the issue as well. Metro Boomin, the producer of the track, spoke with Vibe recently. The 19-year-old Morehouse College student revealed that the version of the song with the Till line was never meant to be released.

According to Metro, the lyrics were removed from the track, because the people who had been working on “Karate Chop” felt they would be too controversial. The version with the Till reference was then leaked to the internet without permission.

“We didn’t even intend for it to come out like that,” said Metro. “It got ripped. I’m not even going to say his name…  one day he lucked up on the f*cking ‘Karate Chop’ video and he ripped the one with the Wayne verse and put it out.”

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