Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Has Challenged Rick Ross To A Boxing Match!

Rick Ross has taken a few knocks this year and somebody would like to knock him around more now.

The man, Freeway Ricky Ross is still upset that Rozay has liberally borrowed from his name and legacy. Well, guess what? The good people over at Rhymes With Snitch are reporting that Freeway Rick wants to beat up Rick Ross in the ring – all for charity!

“I would take him too if we do it for charity.”

“If he wanted to go down, we go in and we donate all the money to some kids. I’d be willing to do that…Yeah, even though he ‘bout 400 pounds bigger than me. That don’t mean nothing. Cause he look like he ‘bout to have a heart attack anyway.”

I think this could be entertaining to see. I would like it. Big ol’ Rozay and older, but thin Freeway Rick! I wonder who would win?


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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55 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess Who Has Challenged Rick Ross To A Boxing Match!”

  1. CWL

    I know somebody that will challenge him to pickled pig feet contest he’s on YouTube type novacane 3 minutes of hell!

    • Matt Swan

      ummmmm naw. That was 3 minutes of not getting the time back I wasted watchin that. But if thats ur thing man go for it. I’m not hatin

  2. BossBeaux

    While I feel where Freeway Rick Ross is coming from sometimes in life you just have to let go and this is one of those situations Rozay makes cool music but my issue with him is his penchant for lying about dumb shit and then making it seem like he got a million plus haters he needs a strict lesson in accountability own your F*ck ups you never had the blessing to use this man’s name and bite his image the least you could do is have a face to face conversation with him and work something out it will at least show growth as a person

      • hoeyuno

        If rawse woulda just reached out to the man like freeway did when the OG got out fat rawses headaches would be cut in half. instead he chose to avoid the situation like a chump hoping it would go away..

      • EDOGZ818

        How? It ain’t like Freeway wanted to chill…he wants to squeeze the guap fat boi owes him, out of fat boi, so he can put it into the community to try & make up for his misdeeds…..while Officer Ricky is still trying to profit off that same community…in the same negative way.

        Freeway has been giving back out of his own pocket since he was released.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea but when he first got out that was his beef. Philly freeway reached out to him and told him if he needed anything to holla. But fat rawse who stole the mans government name avoided him.

      • EDOGZ818

        Philly is full of real dudes…the one fake one signed to Officer Ricky.

        There is a certain way you handle ‘chet….then again, biting a Ninjaz whole flow is some ‘ole uncharted region type ‘chet. I mean…how do you handle that?

        I would guess piling more sucka moves on top of that one is the only option.

        >>Shrugz “E” Shoulders

        I remember a pic with Freeway, Rick Ross & Freeway Ricky Ross standing together & thinking to myself…..If some one yells “Yo! Freeway Rick Ross!”

        All three of them would look!

  3. trilltalk1

    this is some dumb shit, we know RICK FALSE stole the nigga name and idenity. but that is over you went to court and lost. this nigga is not a factor he is a a ld man with alot of what i did in the 80’s stories. yall keep giving this nigga light like he matter in this game.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      The nigga couldn’t afford the lawyers the cop could..He could have used the nigga social security number as his album name and still won..

    • MalcolmLittle

      Would you just willingly hand over your identity to a complete stranger based on a court decision? Would you just let it go cuz some judge said it was ok? Yeah the boxing match angle is corny as a mufukka but you can’t fault the man for still bein hot over the situation.

  4. MrNoName2K

    Like thats ever gonna happen.. its like we all know what what and whos real.. just let by gones be by gones and keep it movin

  5. RichFromBX

    damn, dude is really just embarrassing himself now…either do something real about it or just live with it and go on with your life…this whole charity fight thing is just stupid.

  6. Severe Thebeneficent

    I wonder how many of yall EVER find fault with the so called “hip hop” media for asking these kinda questions then posting it like a headline?

  7. hoeyuno

    Haha.. after sticky fingaz charity boxing match no rapper wants to go down that lane.. too bad though that shit would be entertaining.

  8. TruthSerum

    Rick False would have a seizure trying to move his fat ass around that ring, dudes health is failing and Freeway Rick knows this I’m sure, I dont respect this challenge might as well call out a man in a wheelchair and challenge him to a foot race smh asking a dude with heart problems to box you isnt respectable. I understand why you hate the guy but cmon man

  9. naledge77

    This fat bastard Rick Poser will never entertain Freeway Rick’s request. Honestly Freeway needs to move on as it seems like there’s nothing he can do or say to stop the fraudulent maneuvers that Rick Poser keeps making.

    • OSBKE3000

      I don’t blame him for wantin to take it there .. it’s because he can’t do nothin to Rozay about the name so he wana chunk em

  10. dickpoop

    you know freeway took his name from freeway rick ross and you never hear shit about that…freeway ricky needs to relax dude is irrelevant

  11. Synista

    The only time william roberts the third would be willing to fight is if someone cut in front of him on the buffet line.

  12. Gonja

    lol i think the real rick ross would win three 1 minute rounds, long as the fake rick ross dont connect a clean punch (head shot) *ding ding ding, we need a ambulance*

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