Kanye Asks Fans For Graffiti To Promote “Yeezus”, Gets Rick Rubin To Executive Produce

(AllHipHop News) The quiet ones always hold the most profound secrets. While J. Cole and Mac Miller are holding listening sessions, doing interviews and trying to promote their project, Yeezus promotional push is virtually nonexistent.

To the eye untrained in Yeezy.

After performing a few new songs from the upcoming Yeezus album, posters of Kanye’s clear jewel case album cover with the words “Please Add Graffiti” appear in New York City.


The poster was inspired by “hub of all Yeezus covers” YeezyGraffiti.com which posted the “Please Add Graffiti” image last week. The site was created by  Leighton McDonald.

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As you would expect from a man who refers to himself as Yeezus, Kanye has been pulling out all the stops in crafting this masterpiece. With Frank Ocean and Chief Keef already alleged to be on Yeezus the New York Post reports that Kanye has enlisted the help of Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin to executive produce his album at the last minute.

Known for being meticulous with his albums and working until the last possible minute, industry insiders tell the New York Post “even by Kanye West standards, this is pushing it.”

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