Stevie Wonder Boycotts Performing In Florida After Trayvon Martin Verdict

(AllHipHop News) Stevie Wonder has seen enough and has decided that he is taking a stand against Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law by boycotting all performances in that state.

While performing in Quebec City, Stevie Wonder told a packed crowd “we can make change by coming together in the spirit of unity” and also will not perform in any state that honors the stand your ground law.

Stevie  has has a long history of political activism dating back to him being an integral part in Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday becoming a holiday in 1983. The legendary singer also has a history of cancelling performances due to his political views. In 2012, the Songs In The Key Of Life artist cancelled a performance at a fundraiser for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces after learning the nature of the group’s political views.

Check out Stevie Wonder’s speech on his denouncement of the “Stand Your Ground” laws and his call for peace:


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