Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Minaj Gets Engaged! DJ Khaled’s Heart Breaks In Two!


HAHAHA! I just have to laugh at this folly these artists engage in. I mean, it has to be a big FAT joke on the people. These guys have to be conspiring on the fools in the media and fans. Why?

Well, first of all, its been rumored that Nicki was engaged already, but since Khaled oozed about his love for her, Nick has been seen with a huge engagement ring on her hand. This has had to be the sillies mess ever. Why?

Because now DJ Khaled has publicly expressed that he’s absolutely heart broken – ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!

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Nicki wasn’t wearing her ring and now she is – on the wrong hand.


No, Tears.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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