Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Tells Fans to Chill; Dave Chappelle SNAPS! Bobby V on a Farm


Nicki is known for her fashion flair, even she thinks her fan might be taking the fashion thing to far. I have to admit, I don’t think I’d let any of my 22 kids outta the house looking this ratchet. I heard that Nicki has two secret shows in New York tonight and then she is hosting DJ Envy’s big ol’ birthday bash. Shout out to DJ Envy, happy born day!
Nicki's Fans Buggin



I’m just not sure what this is all about. Bobby V. got some shine on Love & Hip-Hop ATL, but not in a good way. Remember when Kirk got it poppin’ behind Rashida’s back in the hot tub with a few chickenheads? Well, it was Bobby V.’s crib. I guess the dude is doing pretty damn good. And now he has his own reality show coming out called FARM SCHOOL! I don’t know if Bobby is going to be on a farm or what, but he said his parents are going to be in the show with the rest of his family.


Dave Chappelle is tripping!! A few days ago, he was performing in Connecticut and his set got interrupted by some hecklers. He was supposed to perform for 30 minutes on The Funny or Die tour. But the hecklers messed it up for almost 10,000 people and pissed Dave off. And he just sat there and refused to do any jokes. But he did read from a book an audience member gave him. The whole thing in itself sounds funny to me, but I didn’t pay to see it.


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