Old To New: KFC Gives Danny Brown A Pair Of New Teeth

(AllHipHop News) After this article, you will never look at Danny Brown the same ever again and you can thank Kentucky Fried Chicken for that. The popular chicken restaurant put money up for Danny Brown to undergo reconstructive dental surgery

Danny’s missing front teeth has become almost inextricable to his image and the Detroit rapper explained in 2011 to Detroit Metro Times about how the teeth went missing. While KFC was not directly involved in him losing his teeth but indirectly supported factors that caused it:

I was a little kid. I was riding my homeboy’s bike, back when I was staying off Gratiot. And this IROC-Z pulled out of a KFC parking lot and I didn’t see it. I got hit by the car head-on. That’s how I lost my teeth the first time. But I got ’em fixed! Parents paid for it and everything, I was good. Dawg, like a month later, I’m playing in the house, I fell and chipped a tooth on the table leg. I’m like, ‘Damn!’ Didn’t get it fixed, then was playing basketball a couple of years later, and a nigga came down with an elbow and chipped the other tooth. So I had two, big ass chipped teeth. The shit started deteriorating, and one day I was eating a big piece of chicken, and the shits just came out.

In a recent phone interview with Pitchfork, Brown explained how KFC’s gift was a surprise and that he was planning on changing his teeth regardless of the popular food chain’s assistance:

I wanted to fuckin’ celebrate. At first I was gonna get my teeth plated. Then I’d call my next album Gold.

Danny Brown’s debut album Old debuted at No. 17 on the US Billboard 200, selling 15,000 copies in its first week.


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16 Responses to “Old To New: KFC Gives Danny Brown A Pair Of New Teeth”

  1. Tre C

    You always see this guy on the internet, and it seems like he has a following. I don’t know one single person who bought his album though

  2. Franky Babylon

    Im just glad to see someone who had messed up teeth get them fixed and not spending the money on material items. I never understood why some people acted like because 50cent, TI, Naz had dental work they were less “gangsta”. It makes absolutely no phucking sense to be worth millions and your teeth look like a broken Zima bottle. Reggie Miller Im looking at you.

  3. richard_b_hard

    guess that rappers dental plan couldn’t over it,so kfc stepped in,wonder what the deal was for them to pay for this????you know aint shit for free.

  4. Dan_Tebasco

    Why hell rappers with their teethproblems? Why not help some random broke dude… I don’t know dudes financials but I figure he oughtta be able to pay for that sh-t himself by now…

    • LadyLeie

      This was pre-fame/actual income, by the time he did start pulling in a lot of money, the teeth were a part of his image, and he didn’t see any reason to change anything (in other words: It is what it is, you’ll live/get over it).

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