Hip-Hop Rumors: Did The Game Get Caught Lying About Meeting Tupac?

Jeez! The Game isn’t having such a great week in the rumors. The most recent one is something that was posted on reddit. On the site, they took The Game to task over a picture that he instagrammed. The pic showed a young Game and Tupac. The image inferred strongly that he had met Tupac, even though the picture didn’t explicitly state that. It also didn’t state that it was a photoshop job. So people are going in on him now, because the original image has surfaced. I’ll be the person to say that perhaps The Game was just looking to pay respect and homage to one of the trailblazers to his style and created an image to match.

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But, I don’t know. Here is the pic below.

That’s a damn good Photohop job though. Better than mine.

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