EXCLUSIVE: Duck Down CEO Dru Ha Speaks on Eminem's "Dont Front" For First Time (VIDEO)

Word to Buckshot and Dru-Ha, why the f*ck not?/
You don’t like it? Suck a c*ck! Almost forgot
Before I signed with the Doc, I almost signed with Duck Down.-Eminem on “Don’t Front”

(AllHipHop News) When Eminem’s “Don’t Front” surfaced on the Call of Duty bonus track of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the hip hop world went nuts when he revealed that “almost signed with Duck Down. The founder/CEO of Duck Down Records, Dru Ha spoke EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop at last night’s Global Spin Awards about the mention in Eminem’s song as well as revealed his own personal past as a DJ.

A little known fact is that Dru Ha used to be a DJ back in the days and according to him, the hardest part was just getting the equipment to work:

I DJ’ed when I was in grade school. Well, not grade school but Junior High, high school and a little bit in college. I was always trying to get the equipment to work right. Back then you had to set everything up. Doing house parties and things like that, you didn’t just come out and the system was already there. So my earliest memories are trying to make sure everything worked right.

Check out what Dru Ha had to say about Eminem mentioning Buckshot, himself and Duck Down in “Don’t Front” for the first time below:


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