Cam'ron & Dame Dash Sell $450 Jerseys In "Fancy" Commercial (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash and Cam’ron may have just explained why they were trying to sell socks for $150 back in September. The two business moguls appeared in the new commercial for photo-sharing website and app “Fancy” and announced(or maybe joked) about selling $450 jerseys.

Fancy is a website/app which, like Pintrest, allows users to bookmark(called “fancy” on site) images. However, unlike Pinterest, Fancy aims to be a marketplace where users can also purchase

Besides Cam’ron and Dame Dash, Nas has shown his support for the company and even claims it to be “one of my business’s”:

Check out Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s hilarious commercial for “Fancy” below:


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