Cam'ron & Dame Dash Sell $450 Jerseys In "Fancy" Commercial (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Dame Dash and Cam’ron may have just explained why they were trying to sell socks for $150 back in September. The two business moguls appeared in the new commercial for photo-sharing website and app “Fancy” and announced(or maybe joked) about selling $450 jerseys.

Fancy is a website/app which, like Pintrest, allows users to bookmark(called “fancy” on site) images. However, unlike Pinterest, Fancy aims to be a marketplace where users can also purchase

Besides Cam’ron and Dame Dash, Nas has shown his support for the company and even claims it to be “one of my business’s”:

Check out Cam’ron and Dame Dash’s hilarious commercial for “Fancy” below:


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19 Responses to “Cam'ron & Dame Dash Sell $450 Jerseys In "Fancy" Commercial (VIDEO)”

  1. Ike's Mood

    the fact that they’re $450 is the “hilarious” part, right? because the clip.was not funny at all! their sense of humor is a direct metaphor to the music thats coming out of “new wack”

    • Jayson C Williams

      Yea but I bet one ya dumb fux has something Louie or Michael jordan etc. Niggaz is bugging. Your Ear is wack. Any sound out has direct derivative to NYC! Your whole style the way u walk and talk is hip hop which is nyc. All ya are sons n don’t even realize. Or do u? Cause you have to too have that much hate for the city that birthed your culture. Show some respect. Talk what u want ain’t nobody from nowhere coming here and running off at the jibs. So keep hating can’t reverse history. This rap shit is ours n where ever you’re from your sound is merely us sounding country or lame. Ask TI and the rest of those real southern rappers feel about southern rap in general. Corny! Like your comments

      • Ike's Mood

        ooooowwweeeee!!! your ass is SALTY…you must be from new wack?!? sucks to be from there right about now cuz yall music STINKS

      • Jayson C Williams

        It doesn’t it must suck to be you.. I love the south my artists is from the south I spent half my life there. The truths the truth hence your minimal response and non rebuttal my g. Thanks for validating my opinion. Nyc needs some validation rt now

      • Ike's Mood

        yall need something!! how about raising biggie & odb from the grave

      • Jayson C Williams

        Where u from? It’s funny ppl in the south be like the south run this, but state to state ya don’t get along, and sounds are different. ATL is running shit, they’ve been the Mecca of hip hop since bad boy started. So don’t be so quick to say the south. Cause there’s no hot Houston rapper, 2 hot Memphis rappers, 1 hot New Orleans rapper, sprinkle a few Miami cats n the rest is ATL! The hottest rapper ain’t even from America! The hottest pop star ain’t even from AMERICA! So who’s really running shit but they mouths? How many 1 hit wonders from ATL? 20! So you putting a whole region up against one city? Thank You. You def prop NYC up while trying to out us down. It don’t work! Promo, marketing etc, everyone gotta come thru us, exactly why Trinidad back tracking and copping pleas. We all black anyway what’s this separation? Lil Wayne raps like he’s from where? Who’s his fav rapper? J cole from NC but raps like what? Waka is from nyc and so is half of AtL especially the east side. Ya really making yourselves sound slow and country with this south rubbing everything! The Jews run shit foh

      • Ike's Mood

        nigga i’m from…i’m from………chicago. we got twista(sorry about that) & kanye(sorry for that too)…my city is wack too!

      • Jayson C Williams

        It ain’t that dead. Kanye is going crazy and gay but he’s there sorry I live twists but he’s washed. But ya got 3 new artists to sign major label deals. Young Reese, Cheif Keef, And Lil Durk. None of them can rap but I like Durk..

  2. Kmac_Jones

    Even if you could afford a $450 jersey would you still buy it? Just because your able to do something doesn’t mean you should do it. Just because you’re capable of killing somebody doesn’t mean you should be out here killing folks. Nigga’s always come up with that dumb ass answer when you ask them why they bought a jersey for $450, “aww nigga cause I can”… smh and ya’ll be wondering why these rappers are broke.

  3. Elayorx El

    Aww man, it feels good to see these 2 cats again, even if it’s selling $450 jerseys…lol, but it’s ok, cause there is a demographic willing to pay for it, and people need to realize this, because Hip-Hop never meant being broke entirely. Go back to “The Education of Sonny Carson”, and that part on the stoop when the young G’s was telling each other what they wanted out of life, when they grew up. Most, if not all of those dreams were positive, and shooting for the stars. Why must Hip-Hop stay “broke”, and “ghetto”, and all of these other degenerative things? Living beyond one’s means is a slow suicide, and should never take place, but keep aiming high my people, but just don’t forget the roots. Sometimes the tree can grow so high, that we no longer can even see the roots, but they must never be forgotten. Also great to see Nas in the mix, because I recently saw Cam giving Nas love in a 105.1 interview, and I was almost floored. Growth is so vital, like love, and war, necessary for interesting life experiences. Real Hip-Hop for life!

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