Article Quoting Kanye West Saying He’s The Next Nelson Mandela Was Fake

(AllHipHop News) From the constant rants about everything to embracing the confederate flag to the highly lampooned video for “Bound 2,” Kanye West’s public perception has taken a few hits over the last several months, but one outrageous claim that was attributed to Ye was actually untrue.

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The Twittersphere erupted over the weekend after a link to an article published on quoted Ye as saying he was “the next Nelson Mandela.” The problem is The Daily Currant is a satirical blog, but many people took the supposed Kanye comment referring to the late South African anti-apartheid leader as real. The reactions to the fake quote blasted Kanye for being egotistical and disrespectful even though he never made the statements.

This is not the first time articles from TDC have been mistaken as accurate. Previous posts about devout Christian politician Rick Santorum using a gay phone app and the Ten Commandments being discovered on Mars where also heavily circulated around the net as factual news reports.

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