Spike Lee Shows First Picture of Ray Allen's Miami Heat Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey

(AllHipHop News) Ray Allen recently won his second NBA championship this past June but he may . According to Spike Lee, Ray Allen will in fact wear the custom Miami Heat jersey with his He Got Game nickname, Jesus Shuttlesworth, on the back for a few select games.

Lee directed the 1998 flick, He Got Game which starred a young Ray Allen and Denzel Washington. Lee shared the custom nickname jersey on his personal Instagram account and dubbed He Got Game “Da Greatest Joint About BALL Ever Made”:

The idea of NBA players wearing jerseys with popular nicknames on the back surfaced late September and is said to include jerseys from Lebron James (“King James”), Paul Pierece (“The Truth”) and others. Allen spoke to reporters back in September on his support of the idea and

We’re still kids, playing a kids’ game. Even though we’re now men playing a kids’ game, we still remember where we come from. Everybody had a nickname and it’s a way to let the fans in a little bit more.

There still is no word on which games have been selected to be used to showcase the jerseys.

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