KRS-One Threatens Protégé MC Funky J In Leaked Audio

(AllHipHop News) A private beef between KRS-One and his protégé MC Funky J has become public in a big way. Taped audio of the two men arguing over stolen property has leaked to the internet. The heated conversation apparently began when J left a note of KRS’ property telling the Hip Hop legend if he was involved in the theft of his van the situation would escalate.

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“You crossed the line today,” KRS can be heard saying. “You put a threatening message on my front door. You know it’s on. You lucky I’m not even in Cali now. I’d be looking for your ass right now. You’d be face down on the ground J.”

After J alleges KRS is “shook” about the incident, The Teacha continues to threaten him.

“I ain’t shook about s**t. Shook? N***a I’ll blow your f**king mouth off,” KRS yells at J. “I love beating white boys. I love it.”

Before ending the convo KRS tells MC Funky J to be careful walking in Los Angeles.

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Listen to the audio below.

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