Ice Cube Discusses His "Everything's Corrupt" Album On Arsenio

(AllHipHop News) Ice Cube’s latest movie may have pulled in over $40 million at the box office last weekend, but the Hip Hop legend is not turning his back on his rapping roots just yet. The former N.W.A. member is working on his 10th studio album Everything’s Corrupt.

Cube recently appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show, and he gave some details about what direction his next LP will take.

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“I’m talking about corruption everywhere. I’m talking about a lot of youngsters moved away from the drink and the weed. They’re on them pills,” says Cube. “I talk about they got to get off them pills. There’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be talked about, need to be rapped about. Who best then Ice Cube to do it?”

Cube also plans to cover topics like love and not just the “bad stuff in the world.”

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Watch a clip from Ice Cube’s appearance on Arsenio below.

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