EXCLUSIVE: Talib Kweli Behind-The-Scenes Interview

“It’s very seductive to focus on what you don’t like as opposed to celebrating all that it is that you do.”             -Talib Kweli

Anything that possesses the power to affect lives and change the world will be subject to unyielding criticism. As with Hip-Hop, the spotlight constantly illuminates its inane puppets rather than focusing on the strides of its Renaissance MCs. Look behind the curtain; the culture is alive and doing well.

Talib Kweli, champion of well-versed commentary sincerely embeds integrity into his sixteens. In this AllHipHop.com exclusive video interview, the wordsmith details everything from his evolution as an MC to mentioning burgeoning artists whom he believes are exciting and creative. Visit Talib’s site to support his latest effort, Gravitas.

Videography: Frsk Purple

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