Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Are Making Ride Along 2

(AllHipHop News) Well, that was rather quick. Less than a month after the original broke the record for the biggest January opening weekend ($47.8 million), the sequel to Ride Along has been confirmed to be in the works.

According to Deadline, Ride Along 2 will have the same director (Tim Story) and scriptwriters (Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi) as the original. Rumors of negotiations for Ride Along 2 surfaced last April, nine months before the original premiered in January.

Ride Along, made on a $25 million budget, has already grossed over $120 million worldwide in less than six weeks.  Deadline reports that only 3% ($3.6 million) of Ride Along‘s international gross comes from foreign box offices. In effort to increase their international revenue, Ride Along 2 will reportedly include more multicultural characters.

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