Richard Sherman: The NFL Banning The N-Word Is” Almost Racist”

(AllHipHop News) Do we live in a post-racial America where banning an racially offensive word is offensive? According to Seattle Seahawks’ corner Richard Sherman, we do as he gave his opinions on the NFL’s recent attempt at banning the N-word from being said on field.

At a March owners’ meeting, it is being speculated that the NFL’s competition committee will put in place a rule that would penalize teams 15 yards if players utter the N-word. In a recent interview with  themmqb.comthe Super Bowl winning Sherman disapproves of the banning, partially on the grounds that other offensive language will not been penalized:

[Banning the n-word] is an atrocious idea. It’s almost racist, to me. Why wouldn’t all curse words be banned then.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance, an organization that monitors diversity in the NFL, has led the charge for the rule. The head of the group, John Wooten informed that he believes the 15 yard penalty should escalate to ejections for multiple players:

I’ll even accept the fact that they say we’re going to warn them in preseason but during the [regular-season] games, if it comes up, we’re going to take him to the sideline to the coach and tell the coach, ‘Coach this a warning. Next time he’s out of here.’ I want it to be that drastic

The rule will be discussed and voted for approval at this year’s owner’s meeting from March 26th-March 29th in Orlando, Fla.

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