Benzino Gives First Interview From Hospital After Being Shot (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Reality television star Benzino gave his first interview since being shot over the weekend. NEHipHop caught up with Zino to discusses his health status, the death of his mother, Boston Hip Hop, The Source magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and upcoming projects.

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“Money brings the worse out of people,” says Benzino. “When I grew up it wasn’t like this. People had genuine love for each other. We live in age of social media now, and there’s no genuine love cause you really don’t know who you’re taking to half the time.”

“With my mom passing and with things that transpired, it’s definitely made me a little bit colder,” added Benzino. “But then there could be something that happens next week that makes my heart happy again.”

“Boston’s been hard on me. Not the people but the press, the police,” states Benzino. “People don’t understand really that Boston kind of depresses Hip Hop.”

“I would give props where props are do. The [Source] magazine is garbage. At first it was sad. Now it’s just funny,” said Zino. “People said what they want about Benzino and Dave about The Source, but some of the greatest magazines and issues came from us. Then when we left it’s down the toilet.”

“You ever went to the Hunger Games? That’s what Love & Hip Hop is,” suggests Zino. “It’s real. What they do is manipulate your reality… It’s your story. They just put you in positions to play your story out. It’s definitely not fake.”

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Watch Benzino’s interview below.

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