DJ Mustard Says He Gave 100+ Beats To Kanye West & 15 Beats To Nicki Minaj

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West’s DJ Mano recently revealed that Ye’s next album will not sound like Yeezus, but it may have a DJ Mustard beat or two included. That’s because the Roc Nation producer tells HardKnockTV he gave Kanye over 100 beats during a session.

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“When I went to do ‘Sanctified’ I had like 100 beats. I took like 100 and something beats out there,” says Mustard about the track on Rick Ross’ Mastermind album co-produced by Kanye.

The Los Angeles native also explains how the original beat for “Sanctified” sounded a lot different from the final version.

“I could play you the original song, and you wouldn’t even notice that ‘Sanctified’ came from this,” added Mustard. “Kanye slowed it all the way down… The crazy s**t about it is he did it, and I didn’t know that was my beat.”

Mustard has presented tracks to another superstar rapper as well. Nicki Minaj apparently received 15 beats from the “Rack City” and “My N***a” producer. He also plans to provide some tracks for his fellow Roc Nation artists Jay Z, J. Cole, and Jay Electronica.

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Watch DJ Mustard talk about working with Ye, Nicki, the Jays as well as Justin Bieber and Rihanna below.

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