Nas Talks Sofia Vergara, It Was Written > Illmatic, Lost Tapes 2 + More in Reddit AMA

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Apirl 15th) Nas participated in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything session During the chat with fans, Nas spoke on It Was Written being better than Illmatic, puts an APB out on Sofia Vergara and more .

Illmatic is widely considered the greatest rap album of all time and in virtue of that truth, the rest of Nas’ discography has been relegated to fighting for second best. A fan stated Nas’ sophomore album It Was Written was better than Illmatic and when he asked Nas his view on the two albums, Nas revealed his thoughts:

I mean, that was my point. I had to grow. So I’m happy you feel that way, because that was my goal, to make a superior record. I felt like at that point, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here now.

Nas has shown love to the current new school of rappers from the New York  area, particularly Bishop Nehru. After stating that Nehru is a young artist he wishes to work with Nas explains why a regional movement like New York Hip Hop had in the 90s may never happen again:

It’s harder to have a concentrated area make it happen like that, like it did back then, because it’s so global right now. Who knows, there might be a great Russian rap renaissance, or a Mexican rap movement, who knows what might happen next, because it’s global.

While he did not give any concrete date or details on the illusive The Lost Tapes 2, he did answer a fan’s inquiry on if we will ever hear it with a simple “yes.” Nas also spoke on his favorite T.V. shows and sent out a feeler to Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara:

Modern Family, that girl, Sofia Vergara, I need her. Walking Dead. House of Cards is my sh*t.

Check out the full Reddit AMA session here


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