Hip-Hop Rumors: Rachel Roy…Jay Z…What’s Going On Here?

Now, people are generally clear that Jay ain’t cheating on Beyonce! However, there is some drama unfurling in these streets and right now, it centers on Rachel Roy. Roy is an acclaimed fashion designer and ex-wife of Dame Dash. According to what I have gathered, she worked at Roc-A-Fella back in the day and spun off to do her own thing. She’s presently in Macy’s. ANYWAY, the word on the street is that Roy might be the real reason for the mess with Jay and Solange. ANYWAY, just today Rachel Roy tweeted the following from her official Twitter.

Now the link goes to some product on website, but using that phrasing has people thinking she’s trying to say something! Now, Rachel is the ex-wife of Dame Dash, Jay’s former partner, but it seems like she got too close to JAY. Seems like Jay was getting to comfy with the fly Rachel and Solange went crazy over it. She though the Jigga Man was being a disrespectful man to Beyonce. Solo apparently barked at Solange in all of her alleged drunken glory. Jay then checked Solange and she didn’t like it, allegedly. Other reports say Beyonce also got on her case too. And then it happened. Apparently, Rachel ain’t a punk and didn’t bow down to Solange and that kept it going. By the way, I found it interesting that Dame Dash rocked with Solange, calling her a “fighter.” That’s a double jab, to both Rach and Jay.

The plot thickens….

Hey, lets listen to that super short song, “Beach Is Better.” Jay killed that one!


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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