EXCLUSIVE: CJ Fly Explains How He Raps Like A Jazz Instrument, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) CJ Fly is the self-proclaimed “Overseer” of Pro Era and  For PART ONE of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE with CJ Flyhe talks about never attending the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, how a legendary Hip Hop artist compared his flow to a jazz instrument and more.

CJ Fly met his Pro Era comrades Joey Bada$$ and Captial Steez at Edward Murrow High School and thus the sharpening of the skills happened in those school halls. According to Fly, his earlier education on jazz subconsciously altered the way he rapped, an inspiration that was noticed by one of Hip Hop’s greatest MC’s:

I can’t even explain it. I had music class in junior high school, elementary school. We were learning about people like Winston Marcellus. That just stuck with me. Even down to me rapping and making flows. Buckshot told me it sounds like a horn.

While CJ Fly was born and raised in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, he admits to never attending the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. However, CJ Fly says when he touches down at the Festival for the first time, he’ll be bringing a full band a “jazzy experience”. This seems to make good on a promise he made to fans last week:

Check out PART ONE of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with CJ Fly:

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