Bang Em Smurf: G-Unit Had To Reunite Because 50 Cent Burned Too Many Bridges

(AllHipHop News) Former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf is not buying the reconciliation between 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck. The Queens native claims it’s only a reunion of necessity, because the parties involved had no choice financially.

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“At the end of the day they money getting low, so they had no choice but to run back to 50. Because 50 got them in contracts, and he won’t let them out,” said Smurf. “Remember at the end of the day, the industry don’t f**k with 50 and these n***as no more.”

Smurf then points out that a lot of the relevant rap stars in the game now like French Montana, Rick Ross, and Diddy are not going to work with G-Unit, because they all had issues with 50. As a result, the acts still signed to G-Unit are essentially blackballed in the industry.

50 Cent’s low first week sales for Animal Ambition were a point of discussion for Smurf as well. He believes the fact the independent album only sold around 47,000 copies in its opening week is proof the Unit is over as a marketable brand.

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“[The reunion] ain’t gonna work. It ain’t gonna last. It ain’t gonna get no money. Cause they ain’t selling no more units,” Smurf claimed. “50’s Animal Ambition just dropped some weeks ago, and he flopped. Once he flops, then G-Unit is gonna flop even extra hard.”

Smurf then goes on to say that Banks is a “lazy kid” and not a “hustler.” He also states 50’s decision to steal the hook for the mega-hit “In Da Club” from Banks hurt the younger rapper financially, and Yayo was upset with 50 because the G-Unit leader refused to help save Yayo’s house from foreclosure.

According to Smurf, these situations have caused friction between the G-Unit members.

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Listen to Bang Em Smurf’s interview with Mikey T The Movie Star below.


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