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Joe Budden Explains Why He Dropped The Mic During Total Slaughter Battle With Hollow Da Don + MORE

(AllHipHop News) Winners never quit, quitters never win and rappers never like to get booed. Yesterday (July 15th) Joe Budden addressed the performance of himself and Hollow Da Don during their Total Slaughter battle, explained why he dropped the mic at the end of the battle and more.

The Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden rap battle surprisingly ended with Budden being peppered with a chorus of boos from the fan and the veteran Jersey rapper paused his final verse and dropped the mic. According to Budden during a recent interview with Angry Fans Radio, he was doing what he feels rappers have always done:

It didn’t get to me mentally at all, which is the thing,” he added. “In my profession, you don’t rap over boos. It’s like Rapper 101 to know that if you at a show and niggas is booing, ‘Ya’ll, go ahead and boo. I got paid already.’ I’m either gonna wait for ya’ll to stop or I’m getting the fuck outta here.

Budden also placed some of the blame on his premature stoppage on the subpar sound quality of the microphones him and Hollow were using before admitting that “in battle rap, it’s different. You gotta deal with it. You gotta rap over it. You can’t let it look like it is affecting you.” Budden graded the battle as “underwhelming” due to the mic issues. Joe also addressed a criticism he faced following the battle that his rhymes sounded as if they were written to a beat and not the free-flowing form normally employed by modern day battle rappers:

I wasn’t writing rhymes to beats at al. But, because I’m a professional rapper, it sounded like that. It sounded like there was a beat there.

Check out Joe Budden’s full interview below:


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