Casting Call For N.W.A. Biopic Asks For "Poor, Not In Good Shape" African American Women

(AllHipHop News) Sometimes trying to recreate history is a tricky endeavor. Earlier today a casting call post for the upcoming Straight Outta Compton was leaked and revealed their search for out of shape African American women.

The casting call was posted by Sande Allesi Casting and asked for four types of female actresses: A, B, C and D Girls. A and B girls are described as “fine”, “hottest of the hottest” and are required to have real hair. Both A and B Girls ask for light-skinned women, with B Girls being required to be light-skinned and A Girls able to be a variety of skin tones and racial backgrounds. D Girls are described as needing to be “poor, not in good shape” and possessing exclusively “medium to dark skin tone”.

Reps for Sande Allesi Casting informed TMZ that the ad was an “innocent mistake” and has been removed from their official Facebook page.

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