Beastie Boys' Mike D Discusses Tupac/Biggie Feud

(AllHipHop News) Mike D of the legendary Beastie Boys sat down with Vanity Fair for the publication’s “In Conversation With” segment. In part one, Mike shared his thoughts about the 1990’s feud between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

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“It still boggles my mind, because it escalated so fast,” said Mike.

The founding member of the New York Hip Hop group went on call Biggie a “seminal rapper” and talked about how he viewed Pac as more of an artist than a thug.

“Yeah, he was ‘Thug Life’ and everything, but he was more of an artistic kid,” Mike added. “But basically he was so determined to be authentic, it ultimately killed him which is kind of a sad and tragic thing.”

Mike also discussed how at one point firearms became a regular part of the rap scene and metal detectors were mandatory at Hip Hop clubs. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee does make it clear he felt the so-called “East Coast/West Coast Beef” was really just issues between Bad Boy’s Big/Puffy and Death Row’s Pac/Suge Knight.

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Watch Mike D’s interview below.


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