Beastie Boys' Mike D Discusses Tupac/Biggie Feud

(AllHipHop News) Mike D of the legendary Beastie Boys sat down with Vanity Fair for the publication’s “In Conversation With” segment. In part one, Mike shared his thoughts about the 1990’s feud between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

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“It still boggles my mind, because it escalated so fast,” said Mike.

The founding member of the New York Hip Hop group went on call Biggie a “seminal rapper” and talked about how he viewed Pac as more of an artist than a thug.

“Yeah, he was ‘Thug Life’ and everything, but he was more of an artistic kid,” Mike added. “But basically he was so determined to be authentic, it ultimately killed him which is kind of a sad and tragic thing.”

Mike also discussed how at one point firearms became a regular part of the rap scene and metal detectors were mandatory at Hip Hop clubs. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee does make it clear he felt the so-called “East Coast/West Coast Beef” was really just issues between Bad Boy’s Big/Puffy and Death Row’s Pac/Suge Knight.

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Watch Mike D’s interview below.


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50 Responses to “Beastie Boys' Mike D Discusses Tupac/Biggie Feud”

  1. Markus

    Tupac was a dude who had his own civil war going on inside him. In his music he tried to balance between being a revolutionary and a ruffneck. It was when he made records about people and the struggles of society that his talent shined through.

  2. Brindle

    he lives in a fairy tale… “But basically he was so determined to be authentic, it ultimately killed him which is kind of a sad and tragic thing.” Nah bruh, he got shot like the rest of us do…

  3. youngplaya

    I see Mike D’s point.. Respect to the Bestie Boyz and much love for PAC…Respect to Big too…all these dudes are dope. Pac wasn’t trying to be authentic though, he was exactly what you got. A person is not just one thing, even though people want Pac to be what they want him to be. He was everything he showed us he was.

    • whatupdoe

      Yeah, No disrespect to the white people on here, but he doesn’t understand black people. Pac was a street dude who was extremely intellingent. He was a product of his generation.

      • Ipullcards

        Pac wasn’t a street dude! He went to performing arts school all his life and his first rap group he was in was a political one. Ya don’t know sh1t about the culture. You prob think he was born and raised in Cali! The nigga didn’t move there until he was 18 and he died at 25.. Do homework ya’ll

      • whatupdoe

        That’s how narrow minded you are. You can be both educated and be from the streets. That who Pac was dude. I bet you never ran the streets with niggas like Suge or could go to any rough ass neighborhood in American and be good.

      • Ipullcards

        That’s how closed minded YOU are! U don’t need to be a top celebrity thug rapper to go to any city urban area and be good! Where are you from? New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, LA, DC & Baltimore, chance are I’m good there! Stop watching so many hiphop documentaries. Real ppl who are real do real things! Not just rappers!

      • whatupdoe

        Damn I hate dealing with silly ass people. I didn’t say he can go to any city. I said that he can go to any hood and be good. Most people can’t do that. Most rappers can’t do that, but real street niggas fucked with Pac. He wouldn’t have the know how to say the shit that he said if he wasn’t in the streets. This is before the internet where people study how other niggas live.

      • Ipullcards

        Nothing is silly but your attempt at defining a real nigga! I got a degree from a real university. I can really tell u don’t have a clue. I can go to any hood where I know someone 1 person n be good! Can u? That’s the real question. Where u from? I’ve been to your hood most likely! I’ve lived in murder capitals for years and left without a scratch!

      • Ipullcards

        U from Detroit! S/o 7 mile west side! My cousins from there u should know what a real street dude is

      • Poseidon

        He was in performing arts school for 2 years – 7th and 11th grade. Born and raised in East Harlem and then Baltimore for a quick minute, before heading to the Bay Area – 3 major cities with unusually high murder rates. Busted at cops, did a stint, died in a hail of gunfire…… Wasn’t a street dude.

      • Ipullcards

        Nope real street dudes don’t have role models he had the panthers, street dudes don’t go to high school, Pac was a real dude but ya confusing real with street dudes! Street dudes are Grimey Pacs heart wouldn’t allow him to be that! Wrong person not for u this message was for #whatupdoe

      • Poseidon

        You’ve obviously developed your own detailed model and criteria of what precisely constitutes a “real street dude”. I’d love to see a further list of your other prerequisites and qualifications, so we can start nitpicking, deconstructing and questioning the actual validity of some of these so-called said hoodlums. I didn’t realize there was such a large grey area and clear-cut distinction from “real” to “street”…… FOH.

        Dude lived with a lifelong, crack-abusing mother, lived in the projects and played in the streets. But even with all her problems, she was first and foremost a strong-willed intellectual and revolutionary, and did her best to enrich his life and steer him in the right direction, hence the performing arts schools. You’re trying to define a whole breed of young troublemakers based on some nit-picky situational and environmental qualifications you feel they had to endure to truly be considered bad, lol. I guess we should say that one would have to have deceased parents and moved through several foster homes as well before he can actually claim the title of “real street dude’…….

      • Judah Nazayar

        street dudes is on sum nigga fail shit. Pac def wasnt on that boolshit these turd as niggas is on

      • El Duderino

        He moved there in high school. And he only went to a performing arts school for a short time. And some performing arts school help lower income students get in. So attending a performing arts school is no indication of the income your family has. 2Pac did grow up poor, his mother had issues with crack addiction while Pac was growing up. You know very little about 2Pac’s life story. And he was always political in his music. The only album he made that wasn’t political was All Eyes On Me.

  4. water_ur_seeds

    Im so tired of the BIG and Pac argument…

    Pac was artistic yes, but he was also a street dude, he grew up in poverty, that alone makes you resilient and tough, hence shooting the police because he stood up for himself… How many rappers you know 2day, no matter how gangster they are or claim to be, are willing to do that THEN sue them lol You seen how he lived in Oakland albeit for a short period of time…

    He wasnt a pu$$y dance and arts kid, just because he wasnt stupid and ignorant like 2days extra gangster images of Waka or Chief or whoever doesnt mean he was weak…

    Most REAL gangsters, warriors or revolutionaries will tell you to read and become smart in the brain as well as street smart, it makes you become a more powerful and formidable enemy…

    Im not saying he was a gangsta, but he wasnt a pu$$y…

    • Judah Nazayar

      im not a big pac fan at all. Wid that said… I know for a fact…Most of the fucc shit that goes on in hiphop…he wouldnt approve of..

  5. southside4lyfe

    I’m not about to listen to white men tell me the history of my own culture save that for the white kids in the subarbs. We know yall had him killed so yall white people could get a foothole into hip hop. After Pac and Biggie died rap slowly changed to what it is now today.

    • Jahmal Johnson

      ….soutsided4lyfe…..You won’t listen because he’s white? That’s sad because what he stated is pretty much true.

    • Nate

      Your comment shows that you don’t actually know the history of hip-hop. LOL…Beastie Boys needed Pac and Biggie dead to get a “foothold into hip-hop.” Clown.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      that statement is ignorant as hell. This white man you speak of has more hip hop roots then some of the blackest rappers out here. know your history before spouting out some nonsensical white man diatribe that sounds dumb as shit!

      • Judah Nazayar

        these niggas dont *like* that…they dont know shit about hiphop

    • Killuminati

      Yea the beastie boys had like 4 albums out by the time PAC came out lol…now I get it….even tho PAC wasn’t even out then the whites still needed to get their foot in the door when he came out so they had him killed lol

      • Dan_Tebasco

        Jewish people are white… Next you’re gonna say that black muslims aren’t black

  6. RazaBladeKing

    I always laugh at the whole “Pac wasn’t a real n****/street n****/thug” argument, because it’s so stupid its funny. If you’re saying he was more than that, and wasn’t some one-dimensional character you could describe in one word like “thug”, then yeah. But trying to say Pac wasn’t a thug like Pac was soft? So a guy who: got in a shootout with police, got shot in an ambush, went to prison, got out and got shot in another ambush to ultimately die a violent death… wasn’t a thug? Then who is? And what’s your resume? 2Pac was many things, one of which was definitely a thug.

    • El Duderino

      The thug mantra with 2Pac, really had nothing to with what how people normally define the term thug. 2Pac said it himself one time, that if he and his homies are hanging out in the neighborhood people call them thugs. So he really used the thug term as someone who is misunderstood and stereotyped. 2Pac didn’t use it to glorify a gangsta lifestyle, he used it to show what young black males in the ghetto have to deal with.

      • Judah Nazayar

        notice these dingleberry niggas dont like that shit. if u aint nigga failing..the degenerates aint *liking* it

    • Judah Nazayar

      pac said.. that thug shit wasnt really him… that wasnt really his lfe..
      U know after Juice when he changed right? I dont respect the thug side.. give me the brilliant brother/artist/revolutionary… fukk a thug

    • Jonathan Cayol

      First off let’s do it like this I’m from DC . I don’t know Pac . Pac although was born in the Bronx was living in Baltimore . Being that DC is 30-45 minutes away from Baltimore let me break it down . My ex girlfriend’s mother was Pac’s teacher & she said Pac was a nice kid , this was the art school you saw in the 2Pac movie . If you look at his videos of his early teenage life Pac was far from a thug at all . Pac was not a real thug if you ask me because I live in DC the home of killers & thugs , this was the murder capitol of the world , I see what thugs look like all the time & Pac don’t fit that description , when you listen to M.O.P. or South Central Cartel & then turn around & listen to Pac you realize nah Pac ain’t really the thug we thought he was . That doesn’t mean he was soft . But for 1. let me explain when Pac shot the police officer he didn’t realize it was a police officer it was a plain clothed cop at the time & prior to that he got beat up for jay walking if you look up Pac’s history . Pac shot the guy from a distance & it was because it was a white man on a black guy & he was on his pro black time . 2. it wasn’t an “ambush” dudes came up there on some robbery time , you ain’t a thug just because you get robbed , also when Pac got shot one of the shots were from him accidentally shooting himself when he reached for his gun . 3. Pac went to prison for his homies who gangbanged a girl & she blamed him because of his star power . That doesn’t make you a thug to get blamed for your friends so called crimes & being accused by a groupie . & 4. his ultimate death came from him jumping into gang beefs that did not concern him , the same night he got killed earlier they jumped a Crip & obviously Suge was in the whole ordeal on film as they jumped this Crip & everyone knows Suge is Blood , it’s no big mystery that a while later on that same night a car pulls up & airs him out , it was the same ol’ Crips , duh ! C’mon man I’m from the streets this is too easy lolol Pac was a talented actor , an activist & a rapper & just as Pac said a lot of his rhymes was about his friends stories & they didn’t rap & he was their voice . People forget a lot & it’s cool because no one cares if you wanna worship him do what you do but he’s just a male celebrity who was adored by the streets he was not Jesus . To be honest with you I think Pac changed with time & his heart got hardened & in life he consciously made the tough guy decisions & fulfilled the life of a wild dude high & drunk like Old Dirty . Pac ain’t save no souls he’s just a regular human who took chances & was outspoken & gifted with rap talent .

  7. Dan_Tebasco

    I dunno why these people insist of blaming the so called “eastcoast/westcoast-beef” for the deaths of Pac and Big… Who actually still believes that Big had anything to do with Pac’s death? …IMO Pac was killed due to retaliation from Orlando Anderson being beat up by Pac and Suge that same evening, or possibly being set up by Suge…

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