EXCLUSIVE: Snootie Wild Says Writing Lyrics Is Like Lying, Recording "Yayo" in 30 Minutes + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) There isn’t a shortage of paper and pens but writing lyrics could be a thing of the past. In our EXCLUSIVE interview, Snootie Wild explains why he does not write lyrics and why he

Jay Z, Common, Lil Wayne and tons of other rappers have admitted to not writing lyrics for a variety of reasons. Some do not write as to save time by freestyling the song, but according to Snootie Wild, he does not write due to him being honest:

My motto is ‘if you got to write it you lying.’ If you ain’t lying then you have to think too hard on something to cover up the truth. What I spit is facts and when you freestyling you can’t hold back truth. It’s going to slip up.

Wild admits that he “freestyled ‘Yayo’ in a car” and recorded the song in 30 minutes.

As a teenager, Snootie Wild played basketball until he was stabbed in the leg at 17 years old. Snootie says the end of his basketball aspirations led to his disinterest in the NBA:

I was young when that happened. About 16, 17. Due to the point I kind of cared about it so much that I kind of made myself not be interested in it. It came to the point now where I don’t watch basketball too much anymore.

Check out PART TWO of Snootie Wild’s EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop below:

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