EXCLUSIVE: Young Dolph Explains The Benefits Of Not Drinking Lean + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The drink “lean” has taken the lives of multiple rappers and last September Gucci Mane claimed it “destroyed” him. In PART TWO of our exclusive with Young Dolph, he explains why stopping “lean” would be good and more.

Reports surfaced earlier this year stating that Actavis, the company which sells the cough syrup concoction known as “lean” was discontinuing the production of the drink due to negative press for it from musicians’ usage. Dolph states that the drink has been popular in the South for over 20 years and has recently attained national recognition. While he agrees the discontinuing of the drink is good, he does not completely give up on “lean”:

It’s really good. It’s going to help some people out. It’s going to save some people so some can have their daddies around some extra years. But, you can’t stop nobody from doing what they do. Everybody going to do what they do. I’ve been drinking [lean] since I was 17.

Check out Part Two of our exclusive interview with Young Dolph below:

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