Daylyt Questions Jay Z & Beyoncé's Relationship; Suggests Jay Is Sleeping With Solange (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The trolling actions of battle rapper Daylyt have now come to include taking shots at Forbes magazine’s most profitable couple in entertainment. The Los Angeles emcee gave his opinion about Jay Z and Beyoncé’s relationship during an interview with VladTV.

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“Me and my son’s mother were just talking about this a couple of weeks ago – how the industry matches people up to create buzzes. I honestly don’t believe Jay Z and Beyoncé ever touched other like other than in front of a camera. I think it’s 100% a business,” said Day. “If you ask me, Jay’s probably f**king Solange on the low. That’s probably the real couple.”

Daylyt later adds that Jay and Bey could be sleeping together now, but the union most likely started off as an “investment.” He also goes on to question the Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey and Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys relationships as well. Day claims the industry creates these celebrity couples to “troll the world.”

The conversation then turned to Day suggesting 2Pac fathered a man named Demario Brown. He also believes both Pac and Jay Z have several children that the public does not know about.

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Watch Daylyt’s interview below.

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