50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Just Jokes: 50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Can Read (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) After a repeated onslaught of jokes about Floyd Mayweather not being able to read, 50 Cent clarified that his former friend is not illiterate. 50 talked about his comedic shots at the boxing champion during an interview with Angie Martinez.

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“Champ can read. He can read,” said 50. “I don’t want to hurt him, but he do things that agitates me. He do things to aggravate me a little bit. I look at him like my little brother too, but he’ll pick at you like, ‘You ain’t bigger than me’.”

50 also confirms his “Floyd-can’t-read” assault on Instagram was a response to the boxer suggesting in a recent interview that he, Nelly, and T.I. were no longer relevant artists.

According to 50, Floyd should be careful attacking him, because he knows a lot of personal information about Mayweather. He adds the reading jokes were “light.” The mogul then goes on to give “The Champ” props.

“We cannot take away who he is. He is who he is. He’s one of the best fighters in our actual time,” 50 said. “I never try to discredit what he worked for, but in him trying to say – what he was trying to do in his statement is discredit what I do.”

Despite admitting Floyd can read and acknowledging his talent, 50 did not stop posting pictures to his Instagram page making fun of Mayweather. He’s latest jab is below.


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 Watch 50 Cent and G-Unit’s interview below.

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74 Responses to “Just Jokes: 50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Can Read (VIDEO)”

  1. hustle

    The more websites keep posting these stories and people keep commenting, the more 50 will keep doing it. He sees whats going on and enjoys it.

    • Montezuma1

      Yup. That’s the only way 50 have you around. You gotta sit down to pee. Young Buck is the most pathetic though. The way 50 played him. SMH

  2. KeepingIt100

    People complain about celebrities being fraudulent etc…..yet when fif say how he feel about another dude and make jokes….he a hater?……so you rather listen to some clown ass scripted dick riding interview, where everybody ‘love’ each other and it aint no problems…..?

    How can that be?……Do all you guys get on with all your co-workers? or people on your block?

      • Black Avatars

        It’s evidence the nigga got trouble reading, Breakfast Club exposed that. No rumor there. At the end of the day Floyd a boss.



      • Black Avatars

        I didn’t hear any edit, I heard floyd say “Sorry, lets do that again”…. Read or can’t read it don’t matter, he more successful than most will ever be.



      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        did you hear him try to do a 30 second drop for the breakfast club ?? they said it took him over 2mins to just get it done

  3. Triple7_skylakegreat

    Banks chain small yayo just idk kid kid rocking bigger chain than all them hmm. Gimmick ass crew used to rolllllll w fif as a git. I agree with the kid thing. Don’t talk about kids niggas FOH

    • Black Avatars

      Floyd owes him $1mill still over that TMT investment that 50 invested while Floyd was locked up. That’s why them niggas friendship ended.

      • Montezuma1

        Then take him to court if the claim is legitimate. This shyt is childish.

      • ILL Will

        I heard one interview where Floyd was saying he ain’t ask that dude to handle no business of his while he was locked down.

  4. Markus

    Now dude was just playing? Clearly this is someone who is very concerned about his musical product and the fear of being successful with that product that he has to resort to his old ways to get attention. Comes off as desperate.

  5. Ray Smith

    50, TI & Nelly are irrelevant… I was a big fan of Nelly’s way back in the day with shit like Country Grammar & Ride With Me. But none of these rappers are relevant anymore… it is what it is, like it or not. 50 isn’t making any noise. Neither is TI or Nelly. They are irrelevant. It is what it is, man…

    • Philly Ciz

      50 has one of the hottest new shows on TV, which just got picked up for another season. He also has several brands and investments. Who cares about rap? 50 is one of the most relevant people in the world today.. your older relatives knows who 50 Cent is…Snoop isn’t dropping classic rap albums anymore but he is still as relevant. You need to understand the game and what branding means. The brand 50 Cent is more relevant than it ever was. Can’t say the same for Nelly although he is far from irrelevant and TI is a television and movie star who just did a run on a Showtime series with Don Cheadle….. but you keep thinking rap sales and fans matter. Its the big picture son..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        def agree only person id give him is nelly cause hes been falling back
        on the music tip it seems …. but TI and 50 is heavy ouchea ….
        everyone has highs and lows … but ti and 50 has been consistent since
        we first seen them to today … who cares if young thug gets more radio
        play than 50 cent in 2014 …. the true question is will he make daily
        news and daily radio play 10 years from now ????????? will he break
        records with his debut ?????? will get pass the sophmore jinx ????
        etc…. who cares about being relevant … when you got guys like 50 and TI and even Nelly prob
        on a more regional local level …. who are STAPLES house hold names … lengends that will
        be remember and go down in hip hop history …. forget relevancy in a
        current time ….. Bob Marley talked about living forever thru his music
        …. not being the “IT” artist of the day, week, month or year …….

  6. ILL Will

    See how this fk nigga do? He still tombout he got more sht in storage for Floyd but still calling him little brother? Fk kinda dude is this man…u ain’t his potna cuz ya mind shouldn’t even be on that type of time wit ya so called brother…even if yall fall out u keep that sht in house instead of for the world to see…If they get back tight (like g unit did) it looks suspect.

      • ILL Will

        U right bruh but 2 dudes that was supposedly cool after them cameras go off shouldn’t be acting like hoes in front of us….it is entertaining though.

    • ZUBU

      I agree with you but 50 is funny, though mean spirited with his joking. Like you said if he had love for Money May you don’t blast him for the world to see.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      so you speak on irrelevant things ?? i think not … your delusional if you think these guys arent relevant lol

    • Wimpytx93

      You don’t know much do you? Have you seen 50 cents net worth? I’ll give you a hint he didn’t make most of that money making music. He invested in a little thing called Vitamin Water that eventually sold to coca-cola for Billions of dollars. Thats billions with a B. 50’s share though comparatively small was enough to make him HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. If making money is childish then yes he is very childish indeed.

      • ZUBU

        Exactly, I read coke bought Vitamin Water for 4 billion plus they 50’s share was 10%. 400 million so 50 good plus he got other ventures, movie production deals. Some of these dudes are just rappers 50 is a businessman….

      • Dubz

        50 net worth is $150 mill tho…I think that $400 mill was an exaggeration

      • ShortDogg

        He did not say anything about 50 net worth! Damn dude you can’t comprehend go join 50 Slow Unit! Damn ass!

      • Wimpytx93

        I comprehended what he said, but how is what 50 doing childish? He seems to be focusing on the business aspect of his career, so what? The same argument could be said for Diddy who had a slew of success in the 90’s but mainly focuses on business ventures now, does it make him less relevant because he decided to turn himself into a corporation and is profiting handsomely as a result? It seems like 50 is accomplishing what he set out to do, just because it may not be music does not mean he is any less of a success. Just because your dumb ass doesn’t see him all over some meaningless BET program does not mean he is irrelevant, he just runs in different circles now.

  7. 5% Hov

    You tell 50 is idolizes Hov. He always mentions him in every interview.

    Banks needs media training tho – Buck was the second best thing in this interview. Rest of them niggas need to step they work ethic up – Banks the only one with a functioning fanbase / youtube channel / street team etc

    That Dipset, The Lox and Unit tour would be crazy…..

  8. NoGoBoi

    Sound like a politician when talking about the police. Buck need to nut up and speak his mind. Banks seems like he’s scared to say a word. Yayo the only one acting like a man and talking some honest shhh even if fif don’t agree. Fif can have all the investments, side hustles and money in the world, that shhh don’t change your character and person, he’s a foul rich dude. To say you have more stuff to dig out about your so called brother personally, he basically told all the g unit cats y’all to can get played out. If you don’t recieve the respect in what you love to do and want to do, all that other shhh don’t matter within self, that’s why he came back, that’s why he brought g unit back and that’s why he gets pissed when people talk bad about his current music. A puppet master ain’t shhh without puppets, just a man holding sticks and strings.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah that def wasnt sending the best message to the folks around fif … lol … but i doubt if any of them really care … simply cause they all came up together … with the exception of buck and kidd kidd who imo ….especially kidd kidd are the ones who should consider what going on because they dont go back that far .. so how loyal is fif really going to be with them espeicially in light of them having a problem ?? but it is all about being secure with yourself … kidd kidd seems to be a solid cat … buck def had issues but he seems to be back better than ever imo .. cause lyrically i never liked the old buck … but the new buck is prob my fave out of gunit right now … but banks imo still gott the illest bars …. and he sounds like he really has his voice down these days ….

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and imo buck always kind of rode fifs bandwagon alot harder than the other members of gunit … he used to do it all the time back in the days … always agreeing and chiming in the back ground on almost everything fif say ….

      • ILL Will

        I dig ur statement til u said the old buck wasn’t raw…I think him and game had better cds than anyone out the unit back in the day except for GRODT….

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i dont know what it is mane … i just wasnt diggin his verses back then … imo he had the voice but he wasnt riding the beats right … i might have to go back and revisit it … cause i was heavy on my east coast ish back then … you had to be extremely gifted a la Andre 3000 or Scarface saying that you from the south for me to really take your verses seriously … ive gotten used to the southern swagger over the years and i am def more open these days … but i stilll feel like buck is very very very very strong these days … better IMO way better … flow lyrics voice aggression … you hear buck on the Talked about jesus ??? mannnnnnnnnnnnnn … imo he is snapping and sounding super hungry !

  9. ShortDogg

    50 your irrelevant when it comes to music. We as fans know this man!!!! If anyone befriends 50 are just plain stupid and dumbest people in the world. Dude ain’t loyal! Dude is garbage! He can’t even pronounce his words correctly and he is talking about Floyd! The kettle is definitely black!!! Ask Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck can they read. Those dude can’t complete a full sentence when they speak. Dude be for real!

    The Slow Unit

  10. johnharris2012

    …….If everyone from your own Profession, your own Circle, Your Own Race says you are a coward, You are truly a Coward!!. The very people who are supposed to watch your back are saying you are scared of Pacquiao. There is no amount of Fan’s explanations, Excuses and statistics could ever save your shameful facade.
    .American Boxing icons, experts and legends who confirms Mayweather is scared of Manny Pacquiao.
    1) Mike Tyson
    2) Roy jones jr
    3) Larry Holmes
    4) Marvin hagler
    5) Bert sugar – greatest boxing historian
    6) Michael Wilbon – espn
    7) sugar Ray Leonard
    8) Tim Bradley
    9) Oscar dela Hoya
    10) 50 cent – Boxing Promoter and best friend
    11) Max Ledermann
    12) Larry Merchant
    13) Stephen A Smith -Converted Die hard Fan.
    16) Evander Holyfield.
    17) so much, much more……

    Now, show me anyone. or any list of boxing experts more credible than this. saying Floyd is NOT afraid to face the Greatest.

    • John Q. Public

      Ali did not actually say he was scared but he did tweet this out in May…

      “Congratulations @FloydMayweather. Maybe after you rest up we can see you rumble with @MannyPacquiao! #AliTweet”
      How can u deny Ali what he wants?

    • ILL Will

      Bruh to be honest I like pacman just a little bit more than Floyd due to his heart, he never ducked no one and he always fights the best fighters in whatever division he is in. All bs aside that philipino gets down…I don’t think Floyd is actually scared of Pac man but I think he understands that he could possibly lose and that’s not something he’s willing to accept at this time. I’ve wanted this fight for so many years that now I am just done talking about it because I fear it won’t happen until they are well past their prime, if ever. But to be honest I done care who would win because I like em both. I don’t think it will be easy for money or Pac if they ever should meet. Boxing wise money has the edge, sheer banging tho my boy Manny got that on deck but he boxes too. This is like the only fight I have been wanting to see over the past few years, i watch all the new fights but man….

      • EDOGZ818

        The fight will never happen if Manny insists on 1/2 the money.
        Floyd offered Manny 40Mil & they refused.

        You’ve seen the checks, Floyd is in it for the $$$.

        The folks saying he is scared all have 1 thing in common, they don’t have enough $$ to put up to make the fight happen. $30+ Mil for the Ortiz fight? that is finacial brilliance.

        Folks never dissed Calzaghe, even though a washed up bernard Pop’Kins dropped him in the 1st rd with 1 punch.

        Manny should be the last fight, who will “YOU” pay to see Floyd fight if he dismantles Manny in the previous fight?

        Logistically speaking, Floyd has a contract to fufill…the most lucrative in the history of the sport…any sport!

      • ILL Will

        Really though Manny should he eligible for that 50 split because he’s just as big a draw as money and has won ships in more divisions fighting tougher opponents. ..I like Floyd too but he needs to get real on that tip…also to be real tho Manny shoulda took that hot 40 tho…

      • EDOGZ818

        Thank you for last statement!

        Manny got KO’d for 6? Mill instead?

        Has Manny ever gotten 50%?
        Any % off the PPV? Not with Arum.

        >> Floyd to Manny, In Omar from Scarface voice :

        “Don’t you think we could get some other space cadet for the Revenga Hit? Cheaper too…50 bucks!”

        >>Throws lit cigarette in Tony Montana’s face

      • Hollis2Hollywood

        Manny is just as big a draw? He hasn’t had a fight come close to 1 mill PPV buys in well over 5 years. Floyd has broken the PPV record TWICE. Please don’t discuss boxing ever again.

      • ILL Will

        He’s fought tougher competition over the years tho….u can’t tell me sht about boxing bruh i watch that sht holmes….dude ain’t won in 8 divisions for nutn

    • Hollis2Hollywood

      The fact that you think Steven A Smith is a die hard boxing fan alone says you don’t know shit about boxing. But to go a bit further. Wilbon is a fool as is Larry Merchant. It’s Max Kellerman and Harold Ledermann. Not sure when they had a baby together and he became a boxing expert. 50 Cent isn’t his friend any longer and it helps his promotion to stir up controversy. De La Hoya said Floyd would beat Manny, as did Tim Bradley.

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