Young Thug & Kevin Gates Throw Shots At Each Other Online (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) It appears rappers Kevin Gates and Young Thug got into a back-and-forth on Instagram. The digital beef apparently started when Gates posted a video to his IG (since deleted) directed at Thugger.

The Atlanta native then fired back with his own IG vid (also deleted) which started with him using the New Orleans representative’s catch phrase “I don’t get tired.” He ended his comments by telling his target to “pull up.”

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Watch Kevin Gates and Young Thug’s Instagram videos below.

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71 Responses to “Young Thug & Kevin Gates Throw Shots At Each Other Online (VIDEO)”

  1. NCcatsBALLhard

    Kevin Gates actually makes some quality music..I just found out about him last week and I’m kinda glad I was sleep. His music sounds like a breath of fresh air…

    No DJ Mustard beats
    No commercial pop songs

    Hope this gets him the publicity he deserves because I’d like to hear more from him…

  2. ILL Will

    To be totally honest gates go hard on tha rap tip, his sht don’t sound all extra fabricated and sht in my opinion. He got talent all bullsht aside…that luca brasi sht and his other mixtapes was dope.

  3. Brooklyn Stoop

    im still not sold on gates music YET, but i like his interviews which will allow me to listen to his old ish and new ish.
    this young thugay dude………………NEGATIVE! i dont care if he had a hip hop classic with new verses from big, pac and pun, i dont listen to nothing this guy have or featured on.

    • JerZeBoy

      I hear you Gates a smart cat, I like his interviews and music is growing on me. Thug just wack wears dresses and I cant understand a word he says in any of his songs.

  4. Markus

    This is a simple fix. Gates is about eating booty. Young Thug is suspect. Put them together and it’s like chocolate dipped in peanut butter making Reese’s. Damn now I’m sick.

  5. King Flashy TheFirst

    Both these niggas are suspect. One is wearing dresses and nail polish, the other is wearing makeup and eating Booty.

    • Tyreese Gun'Smoke El

      fuk yal hatin ass niggas dawg whoever think that first pik him dumb af the second one is doe yhal hate a nigggas swagg like hell he still making more money doe

      • MrsOno

        Im sorry that’s not “swagg” for a heterosexual man. He has on a tunic and leggings! That’s something an elementary aged school girl would wear. Not hating at all, I like a few of his songs. But he dresses like a female. So be it✌

      • ILL Will

        U fkn that nigga huh…ain’t nobody said sht bout his bread, it still don’t change the fact bruh do fruity sht….u ready to kill a nigga over your “lover” huh? What else he be calling u niggaz in his crew?

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Money or integrity , would you tell your son so what if I wear a dress like mommy because guess what son I get a lot of money in my back account . But what about when you die what you gonna be known as somebody who had a whole lot of money & wore dresses c’mon man that’s anything ! DC slang for that’s sloppy it means that’s messy shawty . Let me bring you to DC & tell you how we talk we goin tell you a shawty you messy shawty you anything .

  6. Jonathan Cayol

    Bamas put on a skirt & erybody call it swag . But when I was growing up only people I heard saying swag was those old Italian gangsters in them gangster movies they be like “hey kid ya got moxy or ya got swagger kid you stood your ground kid” in my mobster voice . You think they would of approved of this they was rocking suites these bamas rocking skirts real talk !

  7. Jonathan Cayol

    Yank that nose ring clean out yo nose boy , wake you up like Foldgers in yo cup boy nah let me chill cuz somebody gonna say I’m hating & that he got swag …

  8. thetruthalsokills

    I don’t really to much care what other niggas wear but I bet half u niggas wont try thugga bye yo self that nigga aint gay hes playing the market when he called rich homie quan is hubby I bet 150000 people googled to see who he was and that mean money nikki minaj is not gay but she made millions off that

  9. Golgo13

    how you gonna talk about sneak dissing, then immediately sneak diss somebody? Besides thugger wears fuckin dresses, and Gates started eat a booty gang. These dudes are gayer than the pivot man in a circle jerk.

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