Battle Rapper T-Rex Says Keith Murray & Fredro Starr Are Not Lyrical (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) While some fans are anxious to see what Keith Murray and Fredro Starr can do in the current battle rap structure when they meet later this month, one veteran battler does not seem to express the same interest. Harlem’s T-Rex spoke about the bout and its participants in an interview with ThisIs50.

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“We took it to a whole other level. They voiced their opinion on Total Slaughter. Now I’m gonna voice my opinion on y’all,” stated Rex. “Let’s just be honest. Neither one of them n***as is lyrical like that. Y’all ain’t rocked a crowd in years. This battle crowd is much different, and it’s going to be a Bobby Brown fan base in there cause everybody’s gonna be over 40.”

The Total Slaughter tournament champion was joined by fellow Dot Mobb member Murda Mook in calling out some mainstream artists deciding to enter the battle rap world.

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“N***s is not going to be jumping in this s**t acting like they trying to make a mockery of what we’re doing,” says Mook.

“A n***a can’t tell me one line they ever liked from Mike Jones or Bonecrusher, so don’t jump in here with this s**t we’re doing,” adds Rex. “These n***as better stay in their lane or just battle each other over there. Don’t come over here f**king with the sharks, cause you’ll swim back missing a limb. If you swim back.”

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Watch T-Rex and Murda Mook’s interview below.


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