Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Amber Creeping On Wiz Khalifa?

I thought these two could possibly make it, but after a year, Amber Rose has filed for divorce from Wiz.

She is citing irreconcilable differences, but friends of Wiz say Rose was creeping with several different fellas throughout the course of their short marriage.

MediaTakeout reports:

“The list of men who Wiz suspects were SMASHING HIS WIFE include FAMOUS ACTOR Jamie Foxx, Nick Cannon, and a popular Los Angeles model photographer. But not every person that Wiz suspects was SMASHING HIS WIFE is famous.

MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY reports that Wiz suspects that Amber and her assistant/chaueffer carried on an elicit affair. You remember the guy . . . he’s the one who we said coincidentally looked like Amber’s son Sabastian.”

I must say, it is a coincidence that Nick Cannon is now “managing” Rose and they’re both in the middle of divorces. Makes you wonder…


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