EXCLUSIVE: MC Wars Say Keith Murray/Fredro Starr & Bonecrusher/Mike Jones Battles Still In The Works

(AllHipHop News) The MC Wars NWO 2 event scheduled for last night did not end as expected. The battle rap card was supposed to feature the high-profile match ups of Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr and Bonecrusher vs Mike Jones. Neither bout happened as issues of payments halted the performances.

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AllHipHop.com spoke with MC Wars COO Amir James, and he revealed the organization is currently in discussion with all four rappers about rescheduling their match ups. James claims all four received their deposits to appear for the event, but they were waiting on the rest of the balances that were negotiated.

According to James, the situation was complicated when payments from two of the sponsors for NWO 2 had not arrived at the time. The money issues are being settled, and he hopes to be able to film the battles in the next few weeks.

“We’re going to make good on this,” says James. “We’re going to move forward.”

He adds fans that bought tickets for MC Wars’ NWO 2 will be able to receive a refund or a complimentary ticket to an upcoming event. More information about the rescheduled battles, refunds, and comped tickets will be posted on the company’s website mcwar.com.

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