Ja Rule Says Guys Wearing Shirt-Skirts Is Part Of Hip Hop Now (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The issue of the “feminization” of males in Hip Hop has become a hot button topic in the culture for several years. Some artists like Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar has a problem with men wearing certain clothing like skirts, while other artists like Young Thug have come to embrace the concept.

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Rap veteran Ja Rule was asked about the subject during an interview with VladTV. The native New Yorker expressed his belief that the fashion of today’s youth represents their generation, and the older generation should just accept their sense of style.

Rule was asked about his reaction to his own son wanting to buy a skirt-shirt. After first having a problem with it, he thought how his mother’s reacted to the clothes he wore as a kid and that changed his mind.

“I had to catch myself and say, ‘You know what? If you wanna shirt skirt, go head get you a shirt skirt. Cause this is your generation’,” said Ja. “Trust me. I’ve looked back at some of my old pictures and been like, ‘What the f**k was I wearing?’ He may do the same thing when he gets older, but it’s part of being young and growing up.”

When questioned about the some of the outfits of today that could be considered feminine, Ja answers by saying he believes this generation is not looking at it as “feminine” just as “fashion.”

“I don’t think he’s saying I want a skirt cause I wanna be a female. I think dudes are doing it because it’s fashionable. Being fashionable has now taken a new turn from when we were being fashionable,” stated Ja.

He also added, “Absolutely, [shirt-skirts are] Hip Hop now. Hip Hop dudes are wearing them. They made it a part of our culture. I don’t think shirt-skirts existed until a Hip Hop artist wore them.”

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