‘Wear The Bear’: Mobbed Up Clothing Is A Favorite in South Florida’s Hip Hop Community

In South Florida, Mobbed Up Clothing isn’t just a business — it’s a movement. “The idea of Mobbed Up Clothing started about 5 years ago,” said James Whalen, the founder of the line. “We had a different name, different direction, same concept. Some big life lessons took place and unfortunately it didn’t happen then. It […]

Mobbed Up Clothing

Nashville Tennessee Gives Birth To Fashion As Coast To Coast Sailing Company Officially Launches Its 2016 Clothing Capsule

Coast To Coast, Owned by Three Young Black Men Committed to bringing fashion to a city known for its music. Based in Nashville, TN. C to C is one of the hottest emerging urban apparel brands for millennials on the go. The new clothing company sets itself apart with designs inspired by cultures across the globe. The […]