Interviewer Tells Logic To His Face That His Album Is Overrated (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Maryland rapper Logic had been riding high off the generally good reviews for his debut studio album Under Pressure, but the Def Jam recording artist was hit with some face-to-face criticism by Power 106’s Vick One. Before the two began a scheduled interview, Vick expressed his thoughts about Logic’s LP.

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“Your album was out, and everybody’s giving it critical acclaim… I just wanted to be honest though. My opinion – it was kind of ‘whatever,'” Vick told Logic. “This is me just like [as an] OG Hip Hop fan – [the album’s] a little bit overrated bro, a little bit like you’re sounding like a bunch of other people.”

Logic responded by stating his sound is reflective of him being inspired by other artists. Vick then suggested the 24-year-old stop rapping about “struggle s**t” and focus on talking about sex and drugs.

“Are you serious?” Logic asked.

Someone later cut into the conversation and urged Vick to talk about the album. The video ends with Logic explaining that he wants to present a positive message with his music.

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Watch the exchange between Logic and Vick One below.



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