Math Hoffa Chokes Out Prankster During Rap Battle (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Once again Math Hoffa is involved in a physical altercation, but this time the situation was set up to ignite the battle rapper. The Brooklyn representative’s latest scuffle took place during a rap battle for DennisCeeTV. The YouTube channel is known for filming pranks which often end up turning violent. When Dennis Chuyeshkov began spitting rhymes about performing oral sex on his opponent, Math grabbed him by the neck.

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“What’s wrong with the kid?” asked Math before choking Dennis. “Why you playing with me?”

“It’s a joke!” Dennis began yelling. “It’s a prank. That’s the point of the video.”

Math infamously punched Serious Jones at SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 3 event in 2013. Then earlier this year he was on the receiving end of a blow from Dizaster at King Of The Dot’s Battle of Los Angeles. Math addressed his reaction to the prank on Twitter.

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Watch DennisCeeTV’s “Rap Battles In The Hood Part 2” below.


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