VH1 Refuses To Cancel 'Sorority Sisters' Despite Protests And Advertisers Cutting Ties

Women lie, men lie, ratings don’t.

VH1’s Sorority Sisters received much backlash after its premiere last week (Dec. 15) and sparked protests from fellow sorority and fraternity members in efforts to get the show pulled from the air. Despite having 76,000 people sign a petition to end the show, it will continue to go on, according to reports.

Even advertisers like Crayola, Honda, Hallmark, State Farm and Carmex have severed ties with the show but the network is refusing to cancel it, and the reason is the ratings.

The criticism and petitions did not change that Sorority Sisters pulled in 1.3 million viewers and “was the number one non-sports cable program in that time period among women ages 18 to 49.”

The ratings are expected to get lower and lower as the show goes on.


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