Family Seeking Answers In Shooting Death Of Antonio Martin

With an investigation already underway regarding the shooting of Missouri teen Antonio Brown, the case has quickly come under scrutiny due to conflicting reports, grainy videos and a (currently unnamed) officer that did not have on the body cam recently issued to him.

While officials say that Martin was shot after pulling a gun on the officer in question, his family is simply calling for a full disclosure of information as they try to cope with his death.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Martin’s grandmother Margaret Chandler said, “If he was in the wrong, I want to know he was in the wrong. I want to see the gun in his hand…I’m just thinking about my grandson. I want the facts.” She added, “I don’t want them to tell me he had a gun. I want to see it. These police do some dirty things. They just wait until nightfall to see some young black men and gun them down.”

This case is still developing.

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